Teen Mom 2’s Jenelle Evans Accuses David Eason of Abusing Her 11 Times in Restraining Order, Reveals He Made Death Threats as He Reports Her and Ensley ‘Missing’

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Teen Mom 2's Jenelle Evans Accuses David Eason of Abusing Her 11 Times in Restraining Order Request, Reveals He Made Death Threats as He Reports Her and Ensley 'Missing'

Jenelle Evans filed a temporary restraining order against her estranged husband, David Eason, on Monday. In the request, she revealed shocking details about the abuse she allegedly sustained from him over the past two years.

As David reported both Jenelle and their daughter, two-year-old Ensley, missing, the Teen Mom 2 cast member accused her former partner of abusing her on 11 different occasions as she and her children, including Ensley and her older kids, 10-year-old Jace and five-year-old Kaiser, were granted the order of protection.

On November 5, E! News revealed details about Jenelle’s court documents, which explained the way in which the tension between herself and David had “escalated” since she announced their impending divorce.

“Because of his recent threats, his history of violence, his erratic behavior and his large stockpile of weapons, I am scared for my life and my children’s well-being,” Jenelle explained.

According to Jenelle, she’s experienced both physical and verbal abuse from David, who she accused of destroying her property and killing their dog.

During one particular encounter on February 17, 2019, David reportedly told Jenelle he wouldn’t care if she died and slammed her as a “piece of sh*t.” Then, after Jenelle recorded his verbal abuse, David allegedly locked her middle child, Kaiser, in a running car.

“While Kaiser was trying to unlock it, David continuously locked it again with my spare key, scaring both me and Kaiser,” she recalled.

More recently, just weeks ago, David accused his wife of cheating on him after she arranged for her children to be cared for and headed to New York City without him. He even sent her a picture of an unidentified man, who he was convinced she was dating.

“This is your new boyfriend. I’m going to break his neck and feed you his head,” David allegedly said of his death plot for the mystery man.

“My goal in life is to make sure you regret leaving me like this,” David reportedly added in another text.

“Given his actions and knowing his temperament, I believe he was implying that he would kill himself if I do not come back to him… For all of these reasons, I’m afraid that David will harm me or my children, and that he will continue to threaten me using text messages, phone calls, or on the internet,” Jenelle continued in her court documents.

Jenelle’s restraining order against David requires him to have no contact with her or her kids, and also to refrain from posting about her on social media. The order also gave Jenelle temporary custody of Ensley.

Around the time that Jenelle requested an order of protection against David, he reportedly called the cops to report Jenelle and their daughter as missing. As a Radar Online report explained, David contacted Columbus County Emergency Services on Tuesday after telling his fans and followers on Facebook that he was unable to locate his estranged wife and child.

“So since Jenelle has disappeared and I have no contact with her or Ensley,” he wrote. “I have no option but to file a missing person’s report.”

David “doesn’t know where she is,” an insider explained. “He thinks she’s around town but she’s not and she’s not going to go back until he’s gone. He thinks she’s just gone for a couple of days.”

According to the report, Jenelle and her kids are currently living somewhere in Tennessee. A court date regarding Jenelle’s temporary restraining order has been set for later this month.

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