RHOBH Star Annemarie Wiley Slams Sutton for Saying She “Attacked” Her, Calls Out “Double Standard” & “Hypocrisy” After Garcelle Shaded Dorit for Using the Same Word, See Her Post

by Adam Ragsdale Comments
RHOBH: Annemarie Wiley Slams Sutton Stracke for Claiming She “Attacked” Her, Calls Out The “Double Standard” and “Hypocrisy” after Garcelle Beauvais Shaded Dorit for Using The Same Word

Credit: Todd Williamson/Bravo

Annemarie Wiley slammed Sutton Stracke for claiming she “attacked” her, and she called out the “double standard” and “hypocrisy” after Sutton’s friend Garcelle Beauvais shaded Dorit Kemsley for using the same word.

Many fans think Garcelle is unwilling to go against Sutton – despite her problematic remarks. During the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion, Annemarie shared her disappointment in how Garcelle let certain castmates treat her.

And on a recent episode of Watch What Happens Live, Sutton said she doesn’t consider Annemarie a friend – and claimed she “kind of attacked me.”

On her Instagram Stories, Annemarie responded to the accusation.

“Oop… There’s that ‘attack’ word again,” wrote Annemarie in a post shared by @queensofbravo on Instagram. “So Sutton can say I ‘attacked’ her but it’s not ok when Dorit says ‘attack’ to Garcelle?”

“Someone please make the double standard and hypocrisy make sense!” she added.

In a separate post, Annemarie addressed being the “target” on RHOBH.

“Women of Color have to work twice as hard to be in the same spaces!! And even when we get there we are always a target,” she explained. “You wanna talk about ‘privilege’?!?” … Let’s keep [it] consistent please.”

“There are three words you don’t say to Black women. You don’t say aggressive, you don’t say attack, and you don’t say angry, because that’s labeling us,” said Garcelle to Dorit in a past episode, via PEOPLE.

She later shared in a confessional, “Dorit lives in a bit of a bubble, just triggers me. We live in a world now where we’re woke, whatever you want to say, and I feel like she’s not in that world.”