Kyle Richards Reveals She & Mauricio Are Taking a “Break” From Couples Therapy, If LVP Has Reached Out, and If She’s Moved Out, Plus She Talks Watching Buying Beverly Hills Season 2 and RHOBH Season 14 Filming

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RHOBH's Kyle Richards Confirms She and Mauricio Are Taking a "Break" From Therapy, If LVP Has Reached Out, and If She's Moved Out, Plus If She's Watching Buying Beverly Hills Season 2 and Season 14 Filming

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Kyle Richards and her estranged husband, Mauricio Umansky, are no longer in couples therapy.

As they approach the first anniversary of their separation, the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star, 55, revealed that she and Mauricio, 53, are taking a “break” from counseling as she also shared if Lisa Vanderpump, 63, has reached out, offered an update on her living arrangements, and confirmed if she’s watching Buying Beverly Hills season two.

“We haven’t been in therapy in a while to be honest. We’re just taking a break from that but we get along very well and we’re very good friends. We get along well,” Kyle shared during an April 1 appearance on Amazon Live.

Following the news of Kyle and Mauricio’s separation last year, Kyle’s former friend and co-star, Lisa, admitted that she felt badly about what they were going through. However, when Kyle was asked if Lisa reached out to her, she revealed she had not.

“No, she has not reached out to me,” Kyle revealed.

And while Kyle and Mauricio have been separated for several months now, their living arrangements haven’t changed.

“I am not in a new home but [Alexia Umansky] is in a new home. A bungalow in Los Angeles. She’s actually a few minutes now from where [Farrah Aldjufrie] lives. But no, I am in my house here. I have too many dogs to go anywhere,” Kyle explained.

Following the airing of RHOBH season 13, which addressed her split from Mauricio briefly, Kyle and Mauricio were seen opening up about their breakup both with each other and their kids on Buying Beverly Hills season two, which Kyle has been watching.

“Yes, and I have to say I’m very impressed with my daughters. I’m so proud of who they are as people, as sisters, as businesswomen, you make a mom proud… I get so many nice compliments about my daughters, which obviously as a mom is the best compliment you can ever get in your life. So I appreciate that,” she told a fan.

As for the start of filming on the new season of RHOBH, Kyle said she’s unsure of an official date.

“I actually don’t know exactly. I have a guideline but no,” she stated.