Porsha Williams Calls Out Simon Guobadia’s ‘Superfluous Media Antics,’ as Simon Wants RHOA Star Sanctioned Over Divorce Claims, Plus He Shares Cryptic Post

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Porsha Williams' Calls Out Simon Guobadia's 'Superfluous Media Antics,' as Simon Wants RHOA Star Sanctioned Over Divorce Claims, Plus He Shares Cryptic Post

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Porsha Williams is having both the best of times and the worst of times. She’s reclaiming her peach for The Real Housewives of Atlanta, but she also happens to be going through a very messy divorce with Simon Guobadia.

The two haven’t even gone to court yet, and sordid stories are coming out each and every day. Now, Porsha’s attorney, Mr. Randal Kessler, is calling out Simon for his social media antics and requesting that they handle the matter in court. Plus, Simon says he didn’t flee to Dubai and wants Porsha sanctioned. 

Porsha and Simon reportedly started dating in April 2021. They then announced their engagement shortly after in May of that year. The two met in 2020 while his then-wife, Falynn, was also on RHOA. They were married for 15 months. 

Now, Porsha’s lawyer is talking to Page Six in regards to Simon’s antics on social media. He says, “Our client, Porsha Williams, is making a conscious effort not to respond to every superfluous document Simon Iyore Guobadia, aka, Iyore Guobadia, releases to the press, instead, we will rely on the document his attorney prepared before they were married, which was agreed upon and signed by both parties.”

He goes on to say that this divorce has to be settled in court and not on social media, as Simon has done so far. 

“Her legal position is straightforward, and she trusts that the court will review the pleadings and relevant law to handle this matter in court, not via the media. Mr. Guobadia’s decision to repeatedly distribute his legal filings and letters to press prior to sending us a copy, as is standard protocol, should be a matter for the court to deal with, and we are asking the court to do so.”

Additionally, Mr. Kessler says that he and his client will continue to ignore the antics, and they hope that the court will see the difference between the two parties. 

He says, “Any other filings, inter-office correspondences, or media antics from the opposing party will be disregarded and used legally as much as possible to further bolster her position.”

Porsha’s lawyer also took the time to address the claim that Porsha brought gunmen to their home. Like Porsha, he refers to the men as hired security, as Simon has also done in the past. 

“The parties have always had personal security, as such, it is unclear why Husband is attempting to push a false narrative that even minimally suggests that Wife returned to the marital residence with any nefarious intentions.”

Simon is also responding to being accused of fleeing the country. He says that the trip to Dubai was for work. 

According to court filings obtained by Radar Online, “Wife has traveled with Husband over 30 times, including to Dubai, United Arab Emirates. She is very aware of Husband’s travels overseas and business endeavors. For Wife to continue to make such allegations of “fleeing the country” is not only untrue and highly inflammatory, but a violation of this Court’s February 22, 2024 Automatic Domestic Standing Order that prohibits Wife from doing any act injuring, maltreating, vilifying, threatening, molesting, or harassing the adverse party.”

Simon also wants Porsha to be sanctioned for “intentionally filing court documents under oath that are not true and consequently constitute perjury.” Simon also recently took to social media and is seemingly asking for peace between the two. He posted the below Instagram Story that reads, “Can we have one day of reprieve and be kind to one another on social media?” This may not be about the divorce, but it the timing is suspect.

Simon posts a potential message to Porsha

Simon’s Story | Instagram

Of course, it’s unclear how much of this will play out on RHOA.