Simon Guobadia Wants Restraining Order Against Porsha Williams, Accuses Her of Bringing “Armed Gunman” to Their Home, Exhibiting “Harassing” Behavior & Marrying Him for “Financial Gain”

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Simon Guobadia Wants a Restraining Order Against Porsha Williams, Accuses Her of Bringing “Armed Gunman” to Their Home, Exhibiting "Threatening" and "Harassing" Behavior Since Split, and Marrying Him for "Financial Gain"

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Simon Guobadia has responded to Porsha Williams’ divorce filing with some scathing paperwork of his own.

Weeks after the Real Housewives of Atlanta star, who will return to the series for season 16 after a brief hiatus, suddenly filed for divorce after just over a year of marriage, Simon, 59, is accusing Porsha, 42, of bringing an “armed gunman” to their marital home. He’s also requesting a restraining order against her and accusing her of marrying him for greed.

In Simon’s court documents, obtained by Page Six on March 25, he claimed Porsha “abandoned” the home before returning with “a man visibly bearing a gun for reasons unknown to [Simon]” twice.

Simon shared that he had to call the police on March 21 to “maintain the peace.” And days later, as Porsha allegedly had “third parties” call and harass him and others “in an effort to force them out,” her mother and boyfriend supposedly made a “forcible entry” into the property, where Simon said they disconnected security cameras and “tampered with items and evidence.”

“Since the filing of the instant divorce, Wife’s actions have been erratic, unstable, threatening, and harassing to … the house staff, and the minor children,” his documents stated. “[Williams’] behavior has caused safety concerns, especially since there are minor children — [Guobadia’s] children — currently living in the Marital Residence.”

Simon went on to state that Porsha supposedly took “calculated steps” to marry and divorce him to “intentionally trigger” parts of their prenup for “personal financial gain and greed,” and he noted that he wants a restraining order against her.

As RHOA fans will recall, Porsha filed for divorce in February and requested Simon not “destroy” any financial records.

While viewers will hear more about the breakup when season 16 airs, an insider told Life & Style weeks ago that their split “was a case of too much, too soon.”

“It wasn’t enough time to really get to know someone, but Porsha was swept off her feet by Simon,” the insider explained.

“Friends found Simon controlling, and that was a problem for Porsha, who is so independent,” the source added. “It’s not her style to be told what to do and when to be home.”

The Real Housewives of Atlanta season 16 is expected to go into production sometime this spring.