Brittany Cartwright Slams “Creepy” Jax for ‘Liking’ Post Suggesting He Should’ve Married Stassi, Says She’s Still Paying Bills for Shared Home, and Talks Jesse and Michelle’s Split

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Brittany Cartwright Slams "Creepy" Jax for 'Liking' Post Suggesting He Should've Married Stassi, Says She's Still Paying Bills for Shared Home, and Talks Jesse and Michelle's Split

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Brittany Cartwright reacted to her estranged husband, Jax Taylor, “liking” a post from a fan who suggested he should have married Stassi Schroeder while appearing on a podcast on Tuesday.

As she also spoke of her current relationship with Jax, 44, admitting that she’s still paying the bills for their $1.9 million home, despite living in an Airbnb, and reacted to the recent split between The Valley castmates Jesse and Michelle Lally, Brittany, 35, slammed her son’s father as “creepy” and “weird.”

“What? He ‘liked’ it? Very weird. That is so creepy,” Brittany exclaimed on the April 9 episode of the Not Skinny But Not Fat podcast after the host mentioned Jax’s social media behavior.

In a screenshot shared by Bye Wig Hello Drama on Instagram, a fan’s message, which was “liked” by the post’s author, Jax, read, “You should have married Stassi.”

Brittany Cartwright Reacts to Jax Taylor 'Liking' Comment About Marrying Stassi

As the podcast episode continued, Brittany said that while she’s “not really sure” what her and Jax’s future holds, she doesn’t see them getting back together “anytime soon.”

That said, Jax has attempted to get her back.

“Some days he’s like, ‘Well, I’m happy. You don’t see me crying,’ he’ll say mean crap like that, and then other days he’s completely different. He wants me to move back in the house and live in the main bedroom and him live in the guest bedroom,” she revealed.

But she’s not on board with any such thing.

“I’m like, ‘We’re not pulling a [Tom Sandoval] and [Ariana Madix].’ I’m like, ‘That’s not happening.’ I’ll just keep spending a sh*t ton of money on Airbnbs until we figure out what we’re gonna do.”

According to Brittany, she’s still paying “all the bills” for the home where Jax is living.

“Jax pays the mortgage. I pay all the bills. We have everything very split up,” she explained, confirming her name is on the house.

“Yeah. I put down just as much money as Jax did to buy it. I pay all the bills and all the stuff for school and Cruz and insurance and car and all that,” she continued.

As for Jesse and Michelle, Brittany said the ex-couple were “already having their issues” when The Valley began filming.

“Michelle talks about it on the show. She, even last October, wanted to separate from him and then I think like, having the show also makes you really head-on face things that you might not in your normal day-to-day, so I think it also just brought out that and how unhappy she was,” Brittany reasoned.

Brittany also said that when it comes to the Lallys’ future, she believes they’re “fully done.”

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