Ariana Madix Reacts to Raquel Saying They Were Never Close as James Talks Graham Allegations, Plus Sandoval Asks Schwartz to Be His Roommate in Vanderpump Rules Sneak Peek

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Ariana Madix Reacts to Raquel Saying They Were Never Close as James Talks Graham Allegations, Plus Sandoval Asks Schwartz to Be His Roommate in Pump Rules Sneak Peek

Credit: Janet Mayer/, Instagram

Ariana Madix is seen weighing in on Rachel “Raquel” Leviss‘ suggestion that they were never close in a sneak peek.

Amid a studio session with Scheana Shay, 38, and Lala Kent, 33, who brought up Raquel’s August 2023 appearance on Bethenny Frankel‘s podcast, Ariana, 38, reacted to Raquel, 29, downplaying their friendship after her affair with Tom Sandoval, 41. Plus, James Kennedy, 32, responded to her bad dog dad accusations.

“She said that they were just acquaintances at best,” Scheana shares in the sneak peek, via Bye Wig Hello Drama on Instagram.

“That’s funny because our Instagrams are filled with us hanging [out]… Like, what are you talking about?” Ariana replies.

She then opens up further about her friendship with Raquel in a confessional. This was played alongside one of Raquel’s season 10 confessionals, which featured the former cast member describing Ariana and Sandoval as her “true core people” and “forever friends.”

“Rachel and I spent a ton of time together,” Ariana explains. “When she says that we weren’t that good of friends, it’s either her telling herself that just so she feels better about what she did. Or it’s her saying, ‘I didn’t really think f*cking sh*t of Ariana.’”

Scheana then mentions that Raquel suggested their relationship was “mutually beneficial,” and she claimed to have paid the bills for her L.A. apartment when she was staying there before confirming that Raquel only contributed $1,000 to her $4,300 rent and didn’t even “stock toilet paper.”

“And [she] had sex in my bed!” Scheana adds.

Elsewhere, Ally Lewber, 28, informs James that Raquel blamed him for the allegedly aggressive behavior of Hippie, formerly known as Graham.

“She thinks she has this whole platform where she’s gonna talk sh*t about me and make me seem like a doggy dad. It’s ridiculous,” James responds.

“It’s just like no accountability,” Ally agrees, proceeding to reveal more details about Raquel’s podcast interview.

“She says that she was just upset after your breakup. She wasn’t over you,” she shares. “She never actually loved Tom, which is funny because that’s not what she was saying last summer.”

In another sneak peek at next week’s Pump Rules, Sandoval is seen sitting down with Tom Schwartz, 40, for a discussion about the future of his and Ariana’s $2 million home.

“I do have a proposition. I would consider keeping the house if I had a roommate,” he begins as Schwartz begs him not to go there.

“Dude, the optics of that are horrible for me. Someone would make voodoo dolls of us and, like, pin them and needle them,” he complains.

But he then wants to know, hypothetically, about how much rent he’d be paying.

“[Six thousand],” Sandoval reveals.

“Oh! I can’t! Dude!” Schwartz replies.

Then, after Sandoval notes that he already pays $4,500 a month, Schwartz explains, “I cannot in good conscience put $6,000 towards something that I’m not going to get a return on. I’m not building equity in here.”

Still, Sandoval presses on, suggesting they “get a loan together.”

“Oh, I don’t like that. They would look at us like two nincompoops,” Schwartz concludes.

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