Scheana Shay Claims Raquel Hooked Up With “Random” Man in Her Bed, Shares Update With Tom Sandoval & “Hardest” Part of Scandal, Plus Shades Raquel’s Friendship With Jo

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Scheana Shay Claims Raquel Hooked Up With "Random" Man in Her Bed, Shares Update With Tom Sandoval & "Hardest" Part of Scandal, Plus Shades Raquel's Friendship With Jo

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Ariana Madix may have been the main victim of Tom Sandoval and Raquel Leviss‘ affair, but she wasn’t the only one impacted.

During the latest episode of her podcast, Vanderpump Rules star Scheana Shay revealed “Scandoval” “definitely changed” her as she admitted to being heartbroken by Raquel, looked back on her 13-year friendship with Sandoval, and reacted to Raquel’s friendship with Tom Schwartz‘s rumored girlfriend, Jo Wenberg.

“That’s been the hardest part of all of this,” Scheana said of her lost friendships on the March 31 episode of Scheananigans. “I’m just like, ‘Raquel, there’s nothing in you that just feels bad? Like, did our whole friendship mean nothing to you? I haven’t gotten an apology I haven’t gotten sh-t from you.”

And not only that. As Pump Rules fans well know, Raquel filed a restraining order against Scheana (which has since been dismissed), accusing her former friend of punching her and leaving her with a permanent scar, all of which Scheana has denied.

“The amount of stress this has caused me, it’s beyond that I’ve not gotten an ‘I’m so sorry this got so out of hand’ — not that it would even mean anything at this point — but just the decency of that. Because saying nothing is still saying something,” Scheana noted, labeling Raquel as “evil.”

“Good people don’t do this to people who take care of them. I gave her a home when she didn’t have anywhere to go,” she continued. “And when I found out she was having sex with some random guy in my bed that I would sleep in with my husband and my baby, I was like, ‘Can you please just remember to wash the sheets when I get home?’ I had to remind her to do common, decency things.”

In addition to leaving her house with no toilet paper and no water, Scheana said Raquel actually told her that she should’ve been happy she had sex because it was the first time she’d done so since her split from James Kennedy.

“I was like ‘Where, exactly?’ And she was like, ‘Oops,’ Like, you have your own room .. She was like ‘Well we also did on the kitchen counter.’ I’m like, ‘Where I sit my baby’s high chair and feed her?’” she asked. “[It was] so disrespectful.”

“I’ve been mourning the loss of my friend Raquel while asking myself, ‘Who the f-ck is Rachel? I don’t know this person,'” Scheana noted. “Raquel, broke a piece of my heart … I went to bat for her. I was a ride or die for her. And what do I get in return?”

According to Scheana, she believes Raquel is broken.

“I always felt that there was something broken in her from literally the time she was born and how that all happened with the adoption with her family,” she explained. “I’ve always had such a soft spot for her and just felt the need to take care of her because I felt so bad for, not how she was raised, but how she knew where she came from and how that affected her.”

As for her relationship with Sandoval, Scheana said that after learning he cheated on Ariana with Raquel, she found herself questioning their many years of friendship.

“Every time I thought he was so generous and so kind and such an amazing friend. Now I’m like, ‘Were you just doing all of this because it was self-serving, because it fed your ego, because it made you look good?’” she wondered. “[But] I did feel good in Palm Springs this weekend throwing away the last couple remnants of Sandoval that were left in my house, something he forgot, the TomTom candle they gave me, I was like, ‘I want it all in the trash.’”

While both Sandoval and Raquel have lost tons of friends as a result of their behavior, Raquel has maintained her friendship with Jo. And, after guest Lala Kent suspected the version of Raquel they knew was “just an illusion that she created,” Scheana said that makes sense.

“This person, I don’t know. This person was sitting at a bar with Jo. Jo posted ‘I like everything about you everything.’ I’m like ‘Really?'” Scheana asked. “Jo, crazy Jo, is her only friend.”

Because Raquel and Sandoval are estranged from the Pump Rules cast, there have been swirling questions in regard to whether or not they’ll be featured on the series’ potential 11th season.

“I don’t know that [Raquel and Sandoval] will. I know from what Sandoval said when we filmed together that her family doesn’t want her doing any of this anymore,” Scheana shared, adding that Raquel told Sandoval her sister made her file the restraining order.

“She blames the whole restraining order on her family, but at the end of the day, you’ve gotta sign off on it,” Lala noted.

“[But] that was her writing,” Scheana replied before saying, “There has to be something that can come out of filing a fake police report.”

Scheana then discussed an odd bar outing between Sandoval, Raquel, and Jo.

“Our facialist, Kayla, one of her friends was at this bar the other night in The Valley, and Raquel and Jo were sitting at the bar overly laughing, acting like they were having so much fun while Sandoval sat at the bar, crying and taking shots of whiskey,” she revealed.

And that’s not the only time they’ve been spotted together. In fact, one recent outing occurred before the reveal of their affair in January.

“They went to Big Bear together on a double date with the Toms. I’m like, ‘This is why she turned her location off.’ It was the weekend we were in Vegas for Brittany’s birthday,” Scheana explained.

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