RHOP Reunion Finale: Gordon Reveals His Bipolar Diagnosis, Nneka Accuses Wendy of Icing Her Out & Ashley Gets Called Out for Bringing Up Osu Comments, Plus Keiarna Shares New Details of Altercation With Deborah

by Julia Comments

RHOP Reunion Finale: Gordon Reveals His Bipolar Diagnosis, Nneka Accuses Wendy of Icing Her Out & Ashley Gets Called Out for Bringing Up Osu Comments, Plus Keiarna Shares New Details of Altercation With Deborah

The final part of the Real Housewives of Potomac reunion drops some news. Gordon has Bipolar I, and despite their marital situation, Mia has been there to help. Gordon is even cordial with Mia’s new boyfriend, which is more than we can say about the relationship between many of the ladies in this group. Even Andy knows some of these “friendships” just need Jesus, as it seems like no resolution will ever be made.

Gordon’s cliffhanger from last week’s reunion episode finally comes to light. “I wanna share something with you that some of you may have suspected, but many of you probably don’t know.” Gordon has been diagnosed with Bipolar I, and he explains that bipolar disorder causes the mind to work opposite. Although Gordon has experienced this since his twenties, he was only diagnosed about two-and-a-half years ago. His mania has gotten worse over the years as he gained power and money. But he knows the key to controlling his bipolar disorder is understanding the behaviors that trigger a manic episode. Gordon shares that he was deep into mania when he texted the other men of the group bashing Mia, and he claims to not remember locking Mia in her room. He believes that Mia was having an affair during their marriage, but he goes on to say how wonderful Mia has been throughout this. Gordon feels like Mia left him because she couldn’t take it anymore, and he becomes emotional about the situation.

Gizelle jumps in to share her worry about Gordon now that Mia is leaving the marriage, but Mia swears she will help him along the way. Gordon believes that he understands the mental illness better, and so he can control it a little more now. Gordon lets Andy know that he is cordial with Mia’s new man, Inc, and Gordon admits the things he did pushed Mia away. There are no more family lawsuits, and things between Gordon and his family are on the up and up.

The new Grande Dame of Potomac is in the spotlight. Nneka explains that the IUI that was filmed did not yield results, so now she is going the IVF route. Regarding North Potomac and Potomac, Karen reiterates that the part Nneka lives in IS North Potomac. Nneka lets Andy know that she grew up in Wisconsin, which many people did not know.

The shrine (gah) gets brought up again, and Andy makes it clear that production was not aware of the alleged shrine call before filming. Casting wanted Nneka to come onto the show through Wendy since they had mutual friends, and then Andy asks Wendy about Nneka. Wendy shares that she didn’t KNOW Nneka, and Nneka clarifies that she said she “met” Wendy… not that she knew her. Nneka swears she never tried to connect with Wendy to simply get on the show.

Ashley gets put on the spot to explain what Osu means since she was the one who brought up the issue in front of the cameras. Ashley says that she knew it was “culturally sensitive,” but since it is a taboo subject, Wendy gets heated with Ashley for stirring the pot. Wendy doesn’t need anything else from Nneka to move on, except some accountability. Nneka keeps repeating how excited she was to be with another Nigerian woman, and yet Wendy tried to “ice her out” in front of the world.

Once the husbands leave the set, Keiarna joins the group, and she explains how she met Wendy five years ago, but she has come to love all of the girls. Wendy gets called out for not checking on Keiarna on her first girls’ trip, and Candiace believes that Gizelle only checked in on Keiarna to be strategic against Wendy and Candiace.

Wendy’s talk show has been hard and her entrepreneurial ways get questioned, as she has her hand in too many things. She is done teaching after this semester, so as not to miss out on many of her children’s milestones. Regarding the words “slow” and “crackhead,” Wendy apologizes. But she doesn’t apologize for calling Mia a pathological liar.

Ashley is dating right now and wants to be married again… except she has to actually get divorced from Michael. No one can understand the divorce hold-up, and Ashley claims to be breaking free from his narcissistic qualities. Ashley admits to still using a shared credit card with Michael… for things like her boobs… and she is looking to “secure a sizable amount” in the divorce. Ashley claims to have been whisked off her feet by Michael, but she became dependent on him, so much so that she “massaged his feet every night.”

Regarding GnA, the ladies give their true opinions on the athleisure line. The fight that erupted after the cameras went down gets explained. Keiarna claims to have been there to de-escalate the situation and that Deborah’s behavior was direct. In the leaked footage from TMZ, Keiarna can be seen throwing punches, but that was only after she was hit and her face was cut, so she was in a fight or flight mode.

Candiace states that Deborah got in her face, which is why she referred to Deborah as all the names. Deborah was on a rampage, and Mia tells the women they shouldn’t have entertained the heated Deborah, pouring gas on the fire. Gizelle thinks that after looking at the footage, everyone is responsible for the fashion show fight. Candiace is aghast at this, and Wendy demands to know what she had to do with anything.

Candiace clarifies that Deborah got in her face and said, “Do you have something to say to me?” So Candiace said, “Come get this vermin out of my face.” She says that Deborah was lunging at her, and Ashley believes that Candiace’s “words play a factor” in the explosive situation. Candiace thinks that Deborah came with the intention to fight and wonders how her words could trump the physicality of what Deborah was doing. Ashley denies inviting Deborah to be messy, but she says Deborah wanted to clear the air with Candiace. Ashley apologizes to Keiarna, but Keiarna thinks that Ashley is the “queen of aftermath apologies,” rather than being proactive in getting the group together. Keiarna thanks Karen from the bottom of her heart for helping her when she was in that scary situation.

Andy is left with no voice at the end of the reunion, and that may stem from the lack of resolution within the group. No one wishes to step up when Andy gives them the floor to apologize. He outright asks Candiace and Robyn how things are now, and after Robyn speaks, the ladies explain they have no animosity between each other. Nneka reminds us that she has taken accountability for everything she has done and said, and Wendy still wonders what she has done to Nneka. Andy doesn’t even try with Gizelle and Candiace, and Candiace states, “From the bottom of my coochie, I have tried.” Andy believes that the two of them need Jesus. LOL.

Andy looks forward to meeting Ashley’s new man, and everyone gives much respect to Mia for all that she is doing with Gordon. Karen, in central Potomac, is still the fence. Some pies come out of the freezer to “toast” the end of the season, and there is a final coronation: Andy gets crowned the Duke of Potomac. He is beyond excited, and Candiace is just as amused by this as she was when Nneka got crowned…. That’s a wrap on the season.