Alexia Nepola Discusses Divorce From Todd Nepola, Admits She Feels ‘Angry’ and “Lost,” Plus She Shades Adriana and Applauds RHOM Cast for Support, and Attends 1st Event Post-Split, See Pic

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VIDEO: RHOM's Alexia Nepola Says She Feels "Lost," Doesn't Want to Be Angry Over Divorce From Todd as She Wonders "What Happened" and Shades Adriana While Applauding Cast for Support

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Alexia Nepola is still asking herself, “What happened,” weeks after her husband, Todd Nepola, suddenly filed for divorce.

As she returned to her shared podcast with Marysol Patton, 57, on Monday, the 56-year-old Real Housewives of Miami star admitted to being in an emotional state as she made her first post-split appearance in New York City and threw some shade at co-star Adriana De Moura, 58.

“For the first two weeks, actually still today, it’s been three weeks and I’m still going back in my head, like, ‘What happened?’” Alexia revealed on the April 29 episode of iHeartMedia’s Ay Por Favor, via Us Weekly.

“I’m a positive person so I try to think about all the beautiful times that we had together, all of our beautiful trips. I’m very positive so I want to remember that, you know? And I don’t want to have any anger but I understand that anger is also one of the grieving stations [stages]. I don’t even know what I’m saying because I find myself lost,” she continued.

While Alexia’s fans and followers have sent her love and encouragement in the weeks that have followed her and Todd’s split, Alexia confessed to not always feeling as strong as they think she is.

“Life doesn’t prepare you for emotional strength. We’re not born with that emotional strength. I know I have it because of all my life lessons but it’s like, everybody’s like, ‘You got this. You’re so strong.’ I’m like, ‘I’m strong, but I’m human,’” she said through tears.

Before the episode, Alexia teamed up with Marysol for her first official public appearance post-breakup at a drag brunch on Saturday.

“I’m doing good now that I’m here!” Alexia, who was wearing a sparkly gold jumpsuit, said on stage, via Us Weekly.

Although Alexia has gone through ups and downs with her RHOM co-stars over the years, she told the crowd that everyone reached out to her after Todd’s filing.

“That’s the beauty of our show,” she shared. “Even though we say things to each other that we don’t like, at the end of the day, when I need them, they’re there. After my news broke out about two weeks ago, [Larsa Pippen] was one of the first ones to call me after [Julia Lemigova]. Everybody called me, texted me. They’re all there for me. They check up on me. Honestly, that’s what I love so much about our franchise.”

Still, when it comes to her future with Adriana, Alexia suggested that while she may be nice to her on season seven, it will likely be for the wrong reason.

“Adriana will probably be nice to me next season,” she stated. “What I’m trying to say is that Adriana is the kind of person that, when she sees you down and she feels sorry for you, she won’t be mean to you. But then when she sees you up and happy and thriving, she wants to bring you down and she gets jealous of you. And that’s when she’s mean and becomes a hater.”

Continuing on, Alexia promised her supporters she would stay positive, despite her sad circumstances.

“My grandmother wrote a poem to me and she said, ‘You were born a star,’ and my parents raised me that way,” she explained. “Latina parents really, like, uplift you and they tell you to believe in yourself. I had a very strong mom and dad, and my parents were always so proud of me, so that is why I feel the way I do about myself. I’ve been able to overcome so many things in my life because I’ve always believed in myself.”

The Real Housewives of Miami season seven is expected to go into production sometime in the coming weeks.