RHOM: Ana Quincoces Predicts Luis Ruelas Will Slip Into Alexia Nepola’s DMs, Accuses Alexia of Bashing Marysol, Plus She Shares Update With Alexia and If Finances Led to Todd’s Divorce Filing

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RHOM: Ana Quincoces Predicts Luis Ruelas Will Slip Into Alexia Nepola's DMs, Accuses Alexia of Bashing Marysol, Plus She Shares Update With Alexia and Talks Todd Divorce

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The conversation surrounding filming for the new season of The Real Housewives of Miami has been pretty quiet despite the drama with Alexia Nepola getting divorced from Todd Nepola. However, alum and sometimes guest Ana Quincoces recently opened up about several things related both to RHOM and some other people in the Bravo universe. 

As fans know, Ana joined RHOM for seasons two and three. However, she has made appearances here and there since the show has returned. She’s most known for being a renowned chef in Miami, and she’s also a partner at her law firm. 

Recently, she sat down on the Behind the Velvet Rope with David Yontef podcast and opened up about her experiences on the show as well as her interactions with other Bravolebrities. 

She first opens up about her history with Alexia and how long they’ve known each other. 

She says, “I knew Alexia since she was, like, 15 years old. “

She goes on to add that she and Alexia were not friends, but she knew of her and that they were sometimes in the same place at the same time. Ana describes Alexia’s path through life as “the cocaine Barbie route,” whereas she took the “nerdy law school” route.

She also alleges that RHONJ star Teresa Giudice‘s husband Luis Ruelas has “slipped into Alexia’s DMs.” She believes he will DM her again now that she’s getting divorced

“I perhaps have such a soft spot for Teresa. I have no idea why. I know that she’s, she’s a hot mess, but I just feel so, I guess I feel bad for her because Louie and, you know, Louie already slipped into Alexia’s DMs,” alleged Ana. “That s**t happened. Listen, I know that Alexia denied that he ever tried to, you know, talk to her and tried to get, get with her. And I understand, because she’s friendly with Teresa. But that happened, a hundred percent that happened. I am not gonna flip flop on this, I am telling you. I think he will slip into her DMs. ”

When asked about the last time she heard from Alexia, Ana said, “She called me after we recorded. She said s**t about Marysol that she’ll deny saying, and, um, and that was it. And I’ve never spoken to her again. She did say s**t about Marysol, but she would never admit that. Yes, I think I’ve said this before, you know?”

She then recalls a conversation with Alexia as she accuses Alexia of bashing Marysol behind her back.

“I said to hershe gives you everything through the Marysol filter, and I think you should read things yourself, because this is not what I said, and this is not what happened. She goes, no, I know. I know she’s obsessed with this. I mean, she would do anything for this show, before that she told me that the husband was not, um, a real husband, that she married him for the show way before the show came back.”

She continues, “So we’ve had conversations where she’s thrown Marysol under the bus. But I saw this whole thing with the divorce coming, and a lot of people are saying that they did it for a storyline, and somebody misquoted me or kind of misunderstood what I was saying to my daughter. I don’t believe that the divorce is fake. I believe that it’s a real divorce.”

She goes on to say she believes Todd regrets marrying Alexia.

“I believe that Todd kind of realized that he made a mistake marrying Alexia, and he wanted out and, and probably, maybe it would have lasted had she not gone back on the show. But the show turns her into the Bravo monster like it does many women. Because when you’re aging, you’re older, this is your last hurrah. It’s like, it’s so sad. It’s Picture of Dorian Gray sad. It’s like, you know, I justshe’sshe’s delusional.”

However, Ana also doesn’t think Todd wants to film the show anymore, and she added that she believes this divorce could also be Todd’s way of doing Alexia a favor for the sake of RHOM.

“And I think Todd did her a favor. I think Todd said, look, I don’t want to be married anymore. This is not what I signed up for, but I will file for divorce. I will be the bad guy. Give you the storyline you need. And now you can be licking your wounds and then coming, you know, like rising like a phoenix with your, you know, circle tits out in the open at all the clubs in Miami, and I predict that, and, am I wrong?”

Ana goes on to share that she does not think Todd is having money problems, and the divorce is mutually beneficial. 

“Alexia does not have this skill set to make that kind of money outside of the Real Housewives world. It would never happen. So I think he thought, you know, they had a prenup, that’s been written up somewhere, that they had a prenup, that he probably said, look, I’ll be the bad guy. You keep your job. I’ll have to pay you less money. And we part ways amicably. But she hasn’t said much. And he has gone on doing his Tony Robinson impersonation on his Instagram for a long time.”

Regarding Alexia and Todd, Ana says, “She loves the show more than anything. More than Todd. More than anything.”

She also thinks that Alexia is happy with the divorce. 

“I think, I think it’s fortuitous. I think she gets to be single with Larsa and all this stuff.”

Regarding the show, she also shares that production wants Lea Black back, but she probably wouldn’t do the show with Marysol and Alexia there.