The Valley’s Michelle Lally Reveals Why She Separated From Jesse Lally and If They’re Friends, Plus How She Told Daughter Isabella About Split

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The Valley's Michelle Lally Reveals Why She Separated From Jesse Lally and If They're Friends, Plus How She Told Daughter Isabella About Split

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Michelle Lally held a Q&A session on her Instagram Story on Monday, where she replied to a series of questions about her split from estranged husband Jesse Lally.

As their relationship drama continues to play out on new episodes of The Valley, a spinoff of Vanderpump Rules, Michelle revealed why she decided to call it quits, shared where she and Jesse stand today, and explained how she told their four-year-old daughter, Isabella, that they were breaking up.

After a fan mentioned on May 6 that Michelle and Jesse had grown apart and asked what changed between them, Michelle responded by sharing what it was that she was tired of.

“I wanted him to actually try. Not just for [one] night or just when cameras were rolling. Eventually I got sick of wanting something that was never going to happen,” she stated.

The Valley Michelle Lally Explains Why She and Jesse Separated

Someone else wondered, “Are you and [Jesse] friends?”

“I wouldn’t say that lol,” Michelle replied.

The Valley Michelle Lally on If She and Jesse Are Friends

As for how she explained her and Jesse’s separation to Isabella, Michelle admitted she didn’t go into too much detail due to her child’s age.

“I don’t know if we did this the right way. I felt she is a little [too] young for an explanation,” Michelle stated. “I did tell her that she was going to have two houses and mommy and daddy weren’t going to live together but she has [two] homes no matter what and we both love her so much.”

“She didn’t really ask and it quickly became the new normal for her,” she added.

The Valley Michelle Lally Reveals How She Explained Jesse Separation to Daughter Isabella

At the end of last month, after Michelle confirmed she was dating Aaron Nosler amid a pool day with friends and Isabella, Jesse debuted his new romance with Lacy Nicole at an event for mutual friend Jared Lipscomb, who was raising money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

“[Lacy]’s not interested in reality TV and has zero interest in appearing on The Valley. Plus, their relationship is still pretty new at this stage,” an insider told the Daily Mail at the time.

The source added that when it comes to Lacy and Michelle, Lacy “loves” Jesse’s estranged wife and “thinks she’s great.”

“There’s no issues from her end,” they stated.

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