Jesse Solomon Says Paige & Danielle Were “Screaming” at Summer House Reunion as He Teases “Intense” Drama, Talks Lindsay & Carl, Plus Who Had the Most to Say

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Summer House Star Jesse Solomon Says Things Got "Intense" At the Reunion Between Paige DeSorbo and Danielle Olivera, Plus He Says There Was a Ton More Drama at the Taping

Credit: Noam Galai/BRAVO

Season 8 of Summer House is coming to a close, and there has been talk about the upcoming reunion for weeks nowThe latest cast member to open up about what fans can expect is Jesse Solomon. Not only did he tease fireworks between frenemies Paige DeSorbo and Danielle Olivera, but he says Carl Radke and Lindsay Hubbard had a heated argument. 

Fans know that Jesse joined the cast of Summer House for season 8. So far, fans seem to like him, as he’s been pretty dynamic on the show. He even made waves by flirting with Paige, who is, of course, dating Craig Conover. 

 Now, the Summer House newbie is opening up to U.S. Weekly about what viewers can expect from the upcoming Season 8 reunion. He says, “It was intense. It was just bright and early arguing. I’m sitting in between Danielle and Paige [and] they’re just butting heads, screaming.”

Jesse didn’t say what the two were fighting over, but fans can assume it is due to Danielle calling out Paige for her treatment of Craig, Which has been the source of their recent feud. 

He also says that Lindsay and Carl got into a huge argument, which makes sense as they were engaged during filming but are now broken up

He says they were “diligently arguing throughout their entire relationship.” Jesse goes on to express that he doesn’t see them as a good match for one another. 

“The relationship as a whole just felt like two people who were not supposed to be together trying to make it work and just fighting and talking in circles and then micro-analyzing every situation. So, I’m glad that they’re both going their separate ways and hopefully are going to be very happy separately.”

Jesse also spoke to Entertainment Tonight about the reunion. He says, “There’s just a lot of unexpected arguments. A lot of tears, a lot of laughs.

He continues, “It’s everything that I had heard a reunion could be. Like, a lot of fighting words. Everybody really got things off their chest, and it’s just this odd juxtaposition of, like, this is a reality show based on our real lives, but then, in real life, you wouldn’t sit down and talk about what just happened with Andy Cohen as the host. So, it’s just, like, we’re all friends, and some people are better friends than others.”

Jesse also commented on some of the girls at the reunion, especially Paige. He says, “The girls are vicious. Paige DeSorbo really impressed me. I would never be so mean to someone’s face, even if  yeah– maybe I would? I was just surprised by the drama. I wasn’t expecting it.”

However, he says that Kyle Cooke and Carl had the most to say at the reunion. Fans will be happy to know that Bravo has renewed Summer House for season 9.