Summer House’s Paige DeSorbo on Being Upset That Craig Was Okay With Jesse’s Flirting, If She’ll Change Last Name If They Wed, and Who Will Move, Plus Taylor’s Boyfriend, Joe Bradley and Luann, and Shades RHOC Cast

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Summer House's Paige DeSorbo on Craig Being Okay With Jesse's Flirting, If She'll Change Last Name If They Wed, and Who Will Move, Plus Taylor's Boyfriend, Joe Bradley and Luann, and Shades RHOC Cast

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Paige DeSorbo revealed how boyfriend Craig Conover reacted to Jesse Solomon flirting with her amid the eighth season of Summer House on Tuesday night’s Watch What Happens Live.

While also speaking of their future, Taylor Ann Green‘s new romance, and addressing Joe Bradley‘s alleged hookup with Luann de Lesseps, 58, Paige, 31, shaded the style choices of the Real Housewives of Orange County cast and reflected on an unconventional look of her own.

“Craig didn’t really care, which I was a little bit like, ‘Um, excuse me. Someone’s hitting on me,’’ Paige revealed of how Craig, 35, responded to Jesse’s behavior on the February 27 episode of WWHL. “And he actually was like, ‘Yeah, you’re pretty. I hope people are hitting on my girlfriend.’ So he gave a great answer.”

After assuring Andy Cohen, 55, that more would be revealed as the season continues, Paige reacted to the host suspecting Craig was “a cuck.”

“God, I hope not,” she replied.

Andy then wondered if Paige would change her last name if she married Craig.

“I would. Yeah,” she confirmed.

When 83% of the audience agreed that Craig would move to NYC before she moved to Charleston, Paige confirmed, “They nailed it.”

As Andy read questions from fans, one person mentioned a comment she made on her podcast in regard to a negative encounter she had with a Real Housewives star.

“I can’t say who she is but she’s blonde,” Paige confirmed, “She looked me up and down first and said, ‘You make horrible decisions.’ And I was like, ‘Can we take a picture?’ It honestly broke my heart. I was like ‘Oh my god thanks so much I love your outfit.’”

Although Craig has said he believes Taylor, 29, will eventually marry Shep Rose, 44, Paige shot down the idea.

“I think she has a boyfriend she loves now so I think [that ship] kind of sailed,” she shared.

Regarding a potential role on The Traitors, Paige admitted she and Craig are big fans of the show.

“Me and Craig have fought about this so much. I’m like, ‘I’d go in and play the game,’ and he was like, ‘You have to tell me if you’re a traitor.’ And I was like, ‘No. That’s not how the game is played.’ We can’t be in cahoots. [But] they should do a couples [version],” Paige suggested.

Another person wondered if she and Lindsay Hubbard, 37, would ever be genuine friends.

“I think Lindsay and I had a great relationship this summer so I think, yeah, we’re friends right now. This summer was probably the most fun I’ve had. We laughed a ton,” she revealed.

Also on the live broadcast, after being asked if she believes Joe, 28, and Luann hooked up, Paige said, “Yeah. Yeah, I do. And I’m not mad at it, though. I needed that drama.”

Later, on the WWHL: After Show, Paige was asked who she reached out to first following Lindsay’s split from Carl Radke, 39.

“I saw Lindsay first. She invited us all over and then I talked to Carl, not shortly thereafter,” Paige revealed.

When fellow guest Michelle Collins, 42, then noted that Orange County was quite nice and mentioned the Fashion Island area of the town, Paige threw some shade at the RHOC ladies.

“You’d think they’d dress better if there’s a fashion island,” she posed.

Paige also revealed if she expected backlash over the no-pants look she sported at BravoCon.

“I’d like to say I’m doing it again,” she stated as she stood up and showed that she again was wearing no pants. “And did I expect a lot of backlash? I actually didn’t, but I love a fashion conversation, so love it or hate it, I like talking about it. So I didn’t mind.”

Summer House season eight airs Thursdays at 8/7c on Bravo.