Paige DeSorbo Addresses Taylor’s “Funny” Cheating Claims, and Carl Rumor, Plus Longest She’s Gone Without Seeing Craig, and How Summer House Season 8 Will Be Different

by Lindsay Cronin Comments

Paige DeSorbo Addresses Taylor's "Funny" Cheating Claims, and Carl Rumor, Plus Longest She's Gone Without Seeing Craig, and How Summer House Season 8 Will Be Different

Paige DeSorbo and Craig Conover may have homes in different states, but they don’t ever go too long without seeing one another.

During an appearance earlier this week, the Summer House cast member, 30, spoke of her relationship with Southern Charm star Craig, 34, their upcoming trip, and compared her show to his while also laughing off Taylor Ann Green‘s cheating claims, and commenting on a rumor claiming Carl Radke, 38, got someone pregnant.

“It’s so interesting because this summer [was] definitely different from any summer we’ve had. I went out every weekend. Like literally dancing on tables,” Paige shared on the September 28 episode of The Toast.

Although Paige “definitely thought about [her] bed a lot,” she said that filming Summer House season eight was “copacetic.” In fact, it was so copacetic that she and her castmates grew concerned about the reunion.

“We actually said on the last day of filming, like, ‘Wow, what’s our reunion going to be like?'” she recalled. “I mean obviously, there was some drama but it wasn’t like so deep and so dark that we were like I’ll never speak to that person again. It was like chill drama that like normal people have. And we were like, ‘There’s just going to be [nothing]. And like literally 48 hours later, we were like pardon?”

After confirming she learned about Carl and Lindsay Hubbard‘s split on the internet, Paige said doesn’t know any details about what caused the breakup.

“I just know that I found out through the internet, texted [Amanda Batula] and was like, ‘Did you see this?’ And she was like, ‘Call me,’” she revealed.

As for the rumors of potential infidelity, Paige said she’s not convinced.

“It Is funny to see certain rumors like there was one rumor that Carl got a girl pregnant and she was like crying in a bathroom somewhere… From what I know, no [it’s not true.] And knowing Carl, like no,” she stated.

During a separate interview, Paige teased upcoming tour dates for her and Hannah Berner‘s live Giggy Squad podcast.

“We will announce our brand new tour dates soon, but we’re definitely going to come back to the west coast because we love being west coast girlies,” Paige shared on Amazon Live.

Ahead of the premiere of Winter House season three later this month, Paige said that while she went on the first two seasons of the show, she’s not sure if she’d return.

“Although so fun and I had a great experience, it is a lot of drinking,” she noted.

As for whether Summer House or Southern Charm is more fun to shoot, Paige named Summer House as the winner.

“We’re in a gorgeous house all summer, we’re letting loose, we’re having fun, we’re drinking, we’re partying, it’s the weekend,” she shared. “Southern Charm is a lot more [day-to-day], Monday [through] Friday, maybe they do something fun on Saturday. But I have to go with my cast, that would just be rude of me.”

While Paige isn’t a full-time cast member on Southern Charm, she’s seen on occasion and became a hot topic on an earlier episode of season nine after Taylor suggested she may have cheated on Craig.

“That’s so funny. Honestly, I didn’t take offense to it at all,” Paige admitted of the false report. “I wasn’t upset or mad about it at all. And I think it’s also funny because Craig didn’t think about it for a second, because I am mean to men.”

“I am mean to the average man that I speak to because men are the worst. So Craig knows that I’m mean to men because I’m also mean to him. So I didn’t really think anything of it because I’m just out here being mean to all men, including my boyfriend,” she continued.

Mean or not, Paige and Craig are going strong as they continue to split their time between her home in New York City and his place in Charleston, South Carolina.

“It definitely depends on the week, but the longest I’ve ever gone without seeing him, I think, is 14 days. Not even, maybe it was 11 days,” Paige noted of their arrangement. “I remember because I was on vacation with my family, which was so fun, but I think he felt it a little bit more than I did because I was obviously in Italy. And you really can’t be upset when you’re in Italy.”

Looking ahead, Paige said she’s excited to celebrate her two-year anniversary with Craig next month.

“Our next trip actually, Craig got me a trip for our two-year anniversary. So I’m going on that at the end of November and I’m very excited,” she gushed.

Summer House season eight is expected to premiere on Bravo sometime later this year or in early 2024.