Southern Charm’s Craig Conover on Why He Didn’t Tell Taylor Shep Cheated, Filming With Kathryn For New Season, & Naomie Drama, Plus Renovating Home With Paige and New Business Venture

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Southern Charm's Craig Conover on Why He Didn't Tell Taylor Shep Cheated, Filming With Kathryn, & New Business Venture, Plus Naomie Drama and Renovating Home With Paige

Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo, Instagram

Craig Conover revealed if he received an apology from Taylor Ann Green, who yelled at him at Madison LeCroy‘s post-wedding party and alluded to Paige DeSorbo‘s potential cheating, during an interview on Thursday.

As he teased a future business venture with Shep Rose, 43, reflected on his past drama with Naomie Olindo, 31, and confirmed he filmed with Kathryn Dennis, 32, amid season nine, the Southern Charm star, 34, spoke of his issues with Taylor and opened up about the home renovations he did with Paige, 30.

“It’s done — and it’s awesome,” Craig gushed of his home during a September 21 interview with The Decider. “I’ve really put together an oasis. I’ve missed seeing my friends and family — I just don’t go out that much anymore — so I built a place for everyone to come hang.”

“[It] feels like home. It’s a lot of black and white outside, which, you know, Paige definitely has the eye for that stuff,” he added.

While Craig was in charge of construction, Paige was involved in design.

“If we fortunately work out, Paige feels like this is her home. And that was the goal,” he explained. “So she decorated it a little kind of ’70s vintage, almost Floridian with lime greens and pinks … I feel like I’ve settled down with Paige.”

In addition to his booming sewing business, Sewing Down South, Craig is pursuing another venture with Shep.

“He and I are in a great place. We’re going into a business venture soon, which is hilarious,” he stated. “It’s a sports team, which we’re very excited about, but we can’t talk about the details yet.”

Now that he’s “found a good partner” in Paige, Craig said he hopes his Southern Charm castmates will as well.

“Because when you look at Austen — I know he wants what I have, in the most endearing way. He is meant to be a boyfriend; he just wants one partner, but he just doesn’t know how to do it… And I think Shep does secretly, too,” he suspected.

Although Craig and Paige began dating two years ago, it “took some work” to get to where Craig is today.

“It feels great … I was able to take a step back, and started working out in the mornings, which cut my drinking by like 90%. I haven’t drank liquor in almost two years — but I drink a lot of beer and wine this season,” he shared of his lifestyle changes.

Since he was in a more mature mindset amid season nine, Craig said he was able to keep his cool amid Taylor’s cheating comments about Paige.

“Taylor came at me pretty charged, and I was very happy [with how I handled it],” he noted.

Looking back at the previous season, Craig explained his issue with Naomie.

“Imagine your ex showing up at your work and chirping at you all day! Like, anyone would have had the exact same reaction,” he noted. “I hope she’s doing well. I think it’ll be a little less confusing this year. Like, ‘Why is Craig always so angry?’ And I’m like, ‘Because my ex girlfriend’s here messing with me!'”

Prior to the start of filming, both Naomie and Kathryn confirmed they would not be returning. However, according to Craig, Kathryn did film.

“Shep and I actually filmed with Kathryn once (this season). I don’t know if it was allowed or not, or who knew about it. But it was important to me and Shep to do that,” he revealed. “I hope we get to see it, but I don’t think we will. But she’s doing better, and the door is open for next season, hopefully.”

“We all miss Kathryn,” he continued. “She’s always been my closest counterpart on the show. To have been able to gossip with her this year would have been a blast, but I also miss her in real life. She didn’t get the best draw, you know, the best hand of cards — and she’s working through that. So we talk as much as we can.”

As for why he didn’t share Shep’s cheating with Taylor during their two-year romance, Craig signaled to Taylor’s past forgiveness.

“We had seen it multiple times — and Taylor forgave him, and nothing changed in their relationship. So I’m not going to run and tattle on my friend if it’s not the first time,” he reasoned. “That had already happened — and Taylor decided to stay with him.”

Following their dispute at Madison’s party, Craig confirmed Taylor apologized.

“Look, it’s very hard to hate the person that you used to love. If she needs to direct that hate towards me, then fine, but I couldn’t have fixed her and Shep. But as you’ll see later this season, I go to an event, and Taylor kind of opens up to me and apologizes,” he shared.

Then, after describing Jarret “JT” Thomas as a “professional thorn” in Austen Kroll’s side, noting that he’s “obsessed with Taylor,” Craig teased what is to come with Taylor and Austen.

“Austen and Taylor … you know, whatever’s going on with them all comes out this season. And it’s a heck of a ride,” he declared.

Southern Charm season nine airs Thursdays at 9/8c on Bravo.