Southern Charm’s Taylor Ann Green on How Shep Crossed the Line With Boyfriend Gaston, Which Costars She’s in Touch With, & Status With JT, Plus Update on Boyfriend

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Southern Charm's Taylor Ann Green on How Shep Offended Gaston, Thinking Shep is a "Good Person," and Who She Talks to From Cast, Plus How Long She's Been Dating Her New Boyfriend

Taylor Ann Green is sharing how Shep Rose offended her boyfriend, Gaston Rojas, and revealing why Gaston no longer approves of their friendship.

Months after debuting her new romance, the Southern Charm star, 29, is sharing what went down at BravoCon that upset Gaston, insisting that ex-boyfriend Shep, 44, is a “good person,” and sharing who she’s currently in touch with from the cast while also confirming how long she and Gaston have been together.

“It wasn’t until at BravoCon when Shep kind of like, overstepped his boundaries and you know like, he admitted he was like blackout the entire weekend and, ‘I don’t remember coming up to you and like smacking [you] on the a*s.’ And so that’s what kind of like led into this whole thing like I need to make changes,” Taylor shared on the January 25 episode of The Viall Files.

According to Taylor, Gaston didn’t take too kindly to Shep’s behavior at the fan convention.

“Gaston was like, ‘That was not cool. Like, your ex-boyfriend just came up to you [and] smacked around the a** and you just kind of sat there dumbfounded,'” she recalled. “Gaston was like, ‘Yeah I just saw that like not cool bro.’ And so that’s kind of where I was like, ‘I know that you’re uncomfortable with this.’ And I was like, ‘I know that we talk about work a lot,’ but I was like, ‘I want you to know that there’s like, he’s never like, trying to reach out to like slither his way back in.’”

Despite Shep’s antics, which prompted him to embark on a lifestyle change, as he shared at the season nine reunion, Taylor insisted he is a “good person.”

“I wish him the best. He really is a good guy despite what people have seen,” she explained. “There’s also this whole other side to him that’s just like so raw and real and trustworthy. I mean, he comes from a great family … He’s got friends from childhood that just can vouch for him time and time and time again. At the end of the day, he really is a good person, and I’m glad he’s making changes in his life.”

Following a rocky season on Southern Charm, namely due to her alleged hookup with Austen Kroll, 36, which she claims was just a kiss, Taylor said she’s confused about where she stands with certain cast members.

“I really have no idea where I stand with a lot of people amongst the cast, like the girls especially,” she noted. “I’ve had a few reach out to me, and we want to get coffee and just kind of catch up and hopefully be on the up and up … Actually [Leva Bonaparte] and [Venita Aspen] reached out. I have been talking with [Madison LeCroy], her father passed away. Sending condolences to their family. I know it’s been kind of crazy what our cast has been through in less than a year.”

As for her status with Jarrett “JT” Thomas, Taylor confirmed a friendship.

“I love JT. He really is a great friend… We have a great friendship, and he knows my boyfriend,” she shared.

Continuing on about boyfriend Gaston, Taylor revealed they’ve been dating for “about 4 or 5 months,” saying things are “going really great.”

“He’s from New York… He made a little tiny cameo [on Southern Hospitality]… His roommate who’s one of my best friends [TJ Dinch] is on Southern Hospitality and they’ve been living together. He kind of took TJ in as TJ was looking for a place to live,” she explained.

Southern Charm is currently on hiatus.