Paige DeSorbo Shares Craig’s Reaction to Jesse Hitting on Her, and Clarifies “Yelling” Scene in Summer House Trailer as Ciara Talks Confronting Amanda About Identity and Dishes on West Wilson

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Paige DeSorbo Shares Craig's Reaction to Jesse Hitting on Her, and Clarifies "Yelling" Scene in Summer House Trailer as Ciara Talks Confronting Amanda About Identity and Dishes on West Wilson

Paige DeSorbo shares Craig Conover‘s reaction to Jesse Solomon‘s flirtatious behavior.

Following the release of the trailer for Summer House season eight, which saw Jesse seemingly hitting on Paige, 31, during a pool party, Paige revealed how her boyfriend Craig, 35, responded to the newbie’s behavior, which Kyle Cooke, 41, called him out about amid a meal with the cast.

“Craig was sitting right next to me, and Craig had the best response ever. You’ll see the whole dinner, but it’s not as dramatic as it looks,” Paige revealed on the February 15 episode of New York Live. “But yes, a conversation was had, and [it’s] all good.”

In addition to clarifying that what went down between her and Jesse was “all very playful,” Paige said that while she was seen appearing to yell at Craig in the trailer, her aggression was aimed at another castmate.

“I actually was yelling at someone different so you’ll see who it’s actually about,” she shared.

While having a relationship on television can prove trying at times, Paige said that because she’s used to Craig coming and going between their two homes in New York City and Charleston, only seeing him for brief visits during the filming on Summer House wasn’t all that different from their day-to-day lives.

“Craig travels so much for work and other things so it’s not that much different than during the year,” she noted. “He was just with me for two weeks and then I won’t see him for a week and so it kind of all feels normal … Don’t worry. I see the man enough. He gets his fill and then he’s out.”

Amid production on season eight, as Summer House fans have surely heard, Carl Radke, 39, called off his wedding to Lindsay Hubbard, 37, just months before the event was set to take place. And, although the breakup created an awkward dynamic amongst the group, Paige said it’s nothing they haven’t dealt with before.

“I feel like we’ve had so many couples in the house break, get married, get back together. Like, we’ve seen it all so I feel like we’re almost used to awkward, uncomfortable situations,” she reasoned.

Also speaking to New York Live, Ciara Miller, 28, teased a showmance with newbie West Wilson, 28.

“Perhaps. We’ll have to keep watching. [But] I got there,” she shared.

Then, when asked if she regrets calling out Amanda Batula, 32, for an alleged lack of identity outside of Kyle, Ciara said she does not.

“I just feel like it wasn’t as harsh as the footage [suggests],” she noted. “We’re all friends and I think if your friends aren’t critical of you in some type of way, and it’s constructive criticism. It’s not like I’m out to get her or anything and I love Amanda and I love Kyle. So it was just like a moment of honesty. I think that we’re just trying to navigate our 20s, our 30s and be the best person. And so it’s tough. So we’re having tough conversations on camera so inevitably, something’s bound to slip out a little bit.”

“Me, Amanda, and Ciara are probably the closest so when we say certain things to each other, it’s not like if we were to say it to someone else. We’re different,” added Paige.

Summer House season eight premieres on Thursday, February 22, at 9/8c on Bravo.