Carl Radke Shares If He’d Return to Summer House After Lindsay Split, Plus He Teases Emotional Season 8 Reunion

by Barnell Anderson Comments
Carl Radke Has Much to Consider Before Saying Yes To Summer House Season 9, but Hopes He'll Be Invited Back, Plus He Teases the Upcoming Season 8 Reunion

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Summer House season 8 is coming to a close, and the network has already renewed the show for another season. Now, Carl Radke is discussing the possibility of returning but also expressing concerns about being in the house with his ex-fiance, Lindsay Hubbard. Plus, he teases an “emotional” reunion while on the red carpet. 

As fans know, the upcoming Summer House season 8 reunion will be the first time Lindsay and Carl get to discuss their issues since filming. Jesse Solomon has already said things got pretty explosive during the taping. 

Recently, Carl discussed the possibility of returning for another season with DECIDER. He says, “We’ve been through so much together, I’d like to think we can figure out a way to make something happen.”

He continues, “I think we all have interesting things going on in our livesPersonally, I’m single. I’m not 40 yet — I’m still in my 30s. I feel like I’m getting more confident in my own skin without hard partying but still being social and fun.”

Carl then says another season of the show has to make sense for him. 

I’d love to do it again if it made sense. I love my friends. I don’t know. There’s a lot to consider still, I guess. But some of it’s out of my control. Trust me, I’ve been doing this for the last 10 summers — and eight with cameras — I can’t see a world where I wouldn’t do it again. But we’ll see. Fingers crossed.”

Despite being unsure about his future on the show, Carl is happy the show got its renewal. 

Carl says, “The fact that we’re picked up is exciting. I know there’s a lot more that goes into stuff. Just gotta keep moving on and keep trying to crush life.”

He also spoke to People about what fans can expect from the reunion. 

He says, “Trust me, there was some fighting. I think people got a lot off their chest, which is obviously why the reunion is there. It was emotional, and it was intense. There were things I wasn’t expecting to be said, and there were things I felt better about, honestly.”

Carl then says, “We made progress, but trust me, it was a tough day.” 

Fans can watch Summer House on Thursdays on Bravo and stream on Peacock.