RHOBH’s Teddi Mellencamp Recalls “Traumatizing” Convo With Dad John, Not Speaking to Him for Years, and Talks Parents’ Divorce, Plus Reacts to “Odd Timing” of Dorit and PK’s Split Announcement

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RHOBH's Teddi Mellencamp Recalls "Traumatizing" Convo With Dad John, Not Speaking to Him for Years, and Talks Parents' Divorce, Plus Reacts to "Odd Timing" of Dorit and PK's Split Announcement

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Teddi Mellencamp looked back on a traumatizing conversation she had with her dad, musician John Mellencamp, on a podcast over the weekend.

Days after reacting to the recent separation of Dorit Kemsley, 47, and her husband, Paul “PK” Kemsley, 56, admitting that the timing of their announcement was odd, the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills alum, 42, spoke to Kate Hudson, 45, and Oliver Hudson, 47, on their podcast about her complicated past with her father.

“I think he [always] tried his best,” Teddi explained on the May 19 episode of Sibling Revelry, via PEOPLE. “Do I think that we’re in a way better place now than when I was a kid? Yes, but also because I mean, I didn’t really understand the importance of a good relationship with my parents when I was a kid.”

According to Teddi, she and John, 72, faced a divide after he and her mom, Vicki Granucci, divorced.

“I probably really hurt his feelings,” she revealed, noting that she preferred to stay with her mom and friends rather than “flying to Indiana” to be with him.

“I mean, there was one point — we joke about this conversation because it’s probably so traumatizing — but I got mad at him for something. And he said, ‘You know what? F you, Teddi. I have other kids,’ and we didn’t talk for a couple of years,” she recalled.

Although Teddi denied being impacted by the split itself, she did feel harmed by her parents’ demeanor towards one another after their breakup.

“One thing that I say to this day, I have a stepdaughter, and one thing I always say to my husband is, ‘Please don’t ever, when you’re upset with Bella, don’t ever call her her mom’s name,’ because both of my parents would do that to me, and it would make me so mad,” she shared. “My mom would be like, ‘Okay, John,’ or my dad would be like, ‘All right, little Vicky.’ And I was like, ‘F*ck you. You chose this person. I didn’t choose them. And now you’re throwing it in my face as a negative, but they’re still my parents, and I love you both, so why are you putting me in this situation?'”

Luckily for Teddi, she had numerous other outlets to put her energy into at the time.

“Essentially, if I didn’t have a sport or something that I really cared about growing up, I think I probably would have been slightly more f*cked up,” she said.

As for her comments about Dorit and PK’s split, which they announced on Instagram earlier this month, Teddi took note of the timing. After all, rumors prior to their separation claimed Dorit would be fired or demoted if she didn’t come clean about her marriage.

“I do think that it’s odd timing after we saw tons and tons of press that Dorit was not going to be asked back. Or was going to be asked back in a limited capacity,” Teddi admitted on the May 14 episode of Two Ts In A Pod, via Heavy.

In response, Teddi’s co-host, Tamra Judge, 56, signaled to Dorit and PK’s marriage issues on season 13.

“You could see that they were struggling last year on the show. He was not so nice to her every time she spoke. And you could see there was tension there,” she said.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills season 14 is currently in production.