RHODubai’s Chanel Ayan Says “No One Reached Out” After Her Circumcision Story on Show and Talks Receiving Backlash, Plus She Responds to Lesa’s Shade

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RHODubai Star Chanel Ayan Shares That She Felt Alone After Emotional Revelation on Season 1, Says She Received Intense Backlash from Her Community and Responds to Lesa Milan Shade

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The season 2 premiere of The Real Housewives of Dubai is tonight. This comes after almost two years since the first season of the show. Fans will recall that Chanel Ayan shared a heartbreaking story about her and her sister being circumcised without her parents knowing.

Now, the RHODubai star is reflecting on that admission and saying she was alone after doing so. Not only that, but she faced intense backlash from her community. 

Regarding her background, Chanel is from Kenya, where female genital mutilation is considered a traditional practice by some. According to statistics, this happens to about 15% of women aged 15 to 49. It’s even more common in other parts of the world and is incredibly harmful. 

According to People, Chanel was recently on the Two T’s in a Pod podcast and discussed the impact sharing her story on RHODubai had. She starts by saying she had kept this a secret. According to Chanel,not even my closest friends knew I don’t have most of my vagina.”

She goes on to say that no one reached out to her after hearing her story. 

Chanel, says,When my story aired, Tamra, nobody reached out to me, and I mean nobody reached out to me. I was on my own in my house crying, closing the curtains, now knowing that the whole entire world knows this about me.”

However, that’s not all. Chanel then received backlash from the people in her community, as this isn’t a topic that is typically discussed. She says,And then I got the worst backlash, man.We don’t accept you. We don’t want you. Who do you think you are?Like, I was being crazy. I was on my own. I was, like, so stressed. I was having bad thoughts. I was so angry with myself.”

Chanel, 45, then says that the backlash she received after the episode aired wasthe worst moment of my life.”

She continues,Every time I walk around, I don’t think people see me as this girl that’s, like, funny. I feel like the first thing they see me is they know my story, and I’m OK with that now.”

More recently, she has gotten messages from women who went through the same thing. She says this makes sharing her story with the world worth it. Chanel also shared that she would listen to Nicki Minaj in her worst moments toampherself up. 

Chanel also responded in the podcast episode to Lesa Milan calling her two-faced as she’s allegedly one way on camera and another off camera.  

Chanel says she sent what Lesa said to her castmates, and they all said that they don’t consider her two-faced. In fact, newbie Taleen Marie even said,You’re the most genuine Housewife out of them.”

She went on to describe the current status of her relationship with Lesa as “heartbreaking for me.” She added, “I don’t throw away friends easily.”


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Season 2 of RHODubai premieres tonight on Bravo at 9/8c.