Tom Sandoval Reveals How Many People He Slept With After Rachel Leviss Split, Plus He Offers Ariana Madix $600K for Their $3 Million Home in Deleted Vanderpump Rules Clip

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Tom Sandoval Reveals How Many People He Slept With After Rachel Leviss Split, Plus He Offers Ariana Madix $600K for Their $3Million Home in Deleted Vanderpump Rules Clip

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The season of Vanderpump Rules has soured fans on some of the cast members. In particular, some feel Tom Sandoval has become even more unlikeable after the way he’s handled the aftermath of cheating on Ariana Madix with Rachel Leviss. Now, unaired footage shows that the aspiring musician has hooked up with multiple women since the split. Plus, he offered Ariana far less than the worth of their shared mansion. 

Both Tom and Ariana are embroiled in legal battles. They are both being accused by Rachel of dealing with revenge porn stemming from an intimate FaceTime he captured of her, and they are legally going back and forth over what to do with their home. 

Bravo recently released the Vanderpump Rules: Secrets Revealed episode to Peacock. In it, fans can see tons of unaired footage from the most recent season of the show. However, one of the most shocking moments came when they were out to dinner, and some of the group asked Tom how many women he had taken to bed since splitting with Rachel. 

Tom informed the group that he had been with three women while he wassober.Tom Schwartz, who was also there, had this to say,The f–k? That’s not even possible.”

He then said in a confessional,How does the most vilified, hated man in America get laid right now? I wonder if it’s, like, are they hate f–king him?” 

For context, Tom and Rachel broke up in May of 2023. He and Ariana called it quits in March. According to sources, they filmed season 11 of Vanderpump Rules from June until September of 2023, which means this conversation wouldn’t have happened that long after breaking up with Rachel. 

Tom then said that it was hard being with the first person after Rachel. He goes on to claim that he’s still in love with her in a confessional. 

He says,I don’t want to move on from Rachel. I still love her very much, but what can I do? She’s obviously made a decision. It’s the best thing I can do right now is try to get myself out there.”

Tom also opened up in the episode about potentially freezing his sperm and how his doctor told him he had a low count due to drinking, tight clothing, and drugs. When asked if he still wants kids, he said,I want the option, you know? That’s one of the reasons why I wanna, you know, try to keep the house if I can.”

Speaking of the much talked about house, this episode also revealed exactly how much Tom offered Ariana to buy her out of the home. 

The scene starts with him reading an email to his assistant that he wrote to Ariana. The email starts,I would love to talk to you about the next steps on our house.

However, he then gets concerned that Ariana might hear him and even gets producers to say they’ll alert him if she comes within earshot. 

“I will give you $600,000 cash. Based on the math, this is a buyout that is equivalent to us selling the property for $3.1 million, which is way above Zillow and Redfin value and definitely above market value,” said Tom.

He added, “With refinancing this house and pulling her name off the loan, this goes from being a $10,000 a month payment to like a $20,000 plus payment [a month].”

His assistant then questions if he can afford the home, to which Tom replies,For about six to eight months. Well, I got myself in this mess. I just wish we would go back.”

Fans can stream the special episode of Vanderpump Rules on Peacock as well as catch up with the rest of the show.