PHOTOS: Jill Zarin Undergoes Face Lift and “Other Minor Tweaks” After Watching Herself on The Goat, See Her Pics After Plastic Surgery

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PHOTOS: RHONY's Jill Zarin Undergoes Face Lift and "Other Minor Tweaks" After Watching Herself on The Goat

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Jill Zarin took to her Instagram account on Tuesday to “bravely” share that she’d gone under the knife for a series of plastic surgeries after watching herself on episodes of Amazon’s The GOAT.

In a video post shared with her fans and followers, the 60-year-old Real Housewives of New York City alum showed off the results of a lower facelift and “other minor tweaks” as she admitted to being in a bit of pain while still wearing a head wrap.

“I’m back! Sort of? After watching myself on The GOAT on Amazon video, (by the way I killed it this week!!) I decided I needed a lower face lift. I also hated my hands and he added fat from my legs. They look amazing!” Jill wrote in the caption of her June 4 post on Instagram.

RHONY Jill Zarin Post Face Lift Photos

“My Dr. visited me the first night post op which made me feel 1000 times better and then 8am and 8pm Saturday and 8 AM Sunday to remove the drainage so I don’t have to go to his office until Friday to remove most of the stitches,” she continued. “Every surgeon has different techniques, medications and bedside manner. All of them are critical to ask about to have a successful outcome. I will continue to share updates.”

Jill also encouraged her online audience to subscribe to her account and send her questions on Cameo.

“Thank you for all your good wishes and tune into episode 8? Thursday!” she added.

Meanwhile, in the accompanying video, Jill offered a similar message.

“Hey guys … I’m bravely sharing that I had a lower facelift and a couple of other minor tweaks by Dr. Ira Savetsky in New York City,” she announced. “I live my life openly and freely. That’s why I did a reality show and I think it’s important for people who do reality shows to be honest. I have no filter on.”

While Jill noted that she would look “a lot more human” if she didn’t have her head wrapped, she revealed she previously had drains, which were later removed.

“I will show the evolution of the real before, the day of, and the following days but I kind of wanted to wait until my first, so I could look halfway decent on this first Reel,” she admitted. “But I’m on my road to recovery.”

According to Jill, the worst part of her recent surgeries was the liposuction she underwent for the sake of more youthful hands.

“I had fat transplant put into my hands becase I hated my hands and the worst part was the lipo coming out of my leg to put in my hands. So if you don’t do that, you’re fine. There’s absolutely no real pain but I am tired,” she noted.

Jill Zarin was featured in a full-time role for the first four seasons of The Real Housewives of New York City and made a series of guest appearances from seasons nine through 12.