‘RHONJ’ Dina Manzo Says Caroline Manzo Has Yet to Apologize and Agrees “Let Me Tell You About My Family” Quote Did Not Age Well

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RHONJ Alum Dina Manzo Reveals Caroline Manzo Has Yet to Apologize for Supporting Ex, Agrees "Let Me Tell You About My Family" Did Not Age Well, and Reacts to Fan Support After Ex Tommy's Conviction

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Dina Manzo revealed in an Instagram comment that her sister, Caroline Manzo, has yet to apologize to her following her ex-husband Tommy Manzo‘s assault conviction earlier this month.

Days after it was revealed that Tommy, who Caroline previously defended in a legal letter, had been found guilty of assaulting Dina’s husband, Dave Cantin, and was facing decades behind bars, Dina responded to a series of supportive messages from her fans and followers, one of whom signaled to a past comment Caroline made on The Real Housewives of New Jersey.

“Has your sister apologized? I hope so,” one person wrote.

“Nope,” Dina replied.

RHONJ Dina Manzo says Caroline Manzo has yet to apologize

Another recalled Caroline’s infamous line from RHONJ.

“‘Let me tell you about my family ……… we are thick as thieves!’ That DID Not age well,” they stated.

“It did not,” Dina agreed.

“Justice. FINALLY. I know this will never erase what happened. But this gives all of us hope that have been in abusive relationships (all kinds of abuse, including familial). THRIVE QUEEN,” encouraged a third, prompting Dina to respond with a heart emoji.

Dina, who appeared alongside Caroline on RHONJ for the series’ first two seasons, also responded with heart emojis to another couple of messages from her online audience.

“Your sister has treated [you] with such disrespect. She owes you so much. I hope you can heal now. You are such a strong woman,” the first message said.

“I hope you know that we always supported you and never doubted you. Justice prevails,” noted the second.

RHONJ Dina Manzo reacts to support from fans

Also after Tommy’s conviction, Dina shared a telling message on her Instagram Story.

“I call my power back to me. I call my energy back to me. I call my magic back to me,” the declared. “I am cleansed and disconnected from anything that may drain me. I am shielded from any energy that does not serve me. I am safe. I am protected. I am whole. And so it is.”

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