PHOTO: Summer House’s Amanda Batula Promotes “Boys Lie” Brand Amid Kyle Cheating Rumors, Fuels Split Speculation as She Wears “Rest, Recharge, Repeat” Sweatshirt in Now-Deleted Post

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Summer House's Amanda Batula Promotes Boys Lie Brand Amid Kyle Cooke Cheating Rumors, Fuels Split Speculation as She Wears "Rest, Recharge, Repeat" Sweatshirt in Now-Deleted Post

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Amanda Batula resurfaced on Instagram amid rumors claiming Kyle Cooke may have cheated (again), and her post appeared to be quite telling.

After Kyle, 41, was accused of getting cozy with another woman in Charleston at one of Leva Bonaparte‘s bars, the Summer House star, 32, took to her Story, where she promoted the Boys Lie brand while wearing a “Rest, Recharge, Repeat” sweatshirt.

In a post that has since been deleted, Amanda greeted her fans with the Boys Lie tag in a large font and two smaller tags, one for Leah O’Malley, the vice president and co-founder of the brand, and another for Tori Robinson, the brand’s president and other co-founder.

Summer House Amanda Batula Reps Boys Lie Brand Amid Kyle Cooke Cheating Rumors

As soon as Amanda’s post was shared, her fans and followers began speculating about whether the post was aimed at Kyle.

“Amanda showing off her [Boys] Lie gifts. It’s a brand she wears all the time. But the timing. Messing [with] us?” wondered Bravo and Cocktails on Instagram.

Summer House Amanda Batula's Boys Lie Post Fuels Kyle Cooke Cheating Rumors

As Summer House fans may have seen, rumors of a split between Amanda and Kyle first began earlier this month when Deuxmoi shared a blind item that seemed to clearly be about them.

“This Bravo entrepreneur turned DJ was seen getting extra close with someone who wasn’t his partner during a night out following an event for his company,” their source shared. “Is another break up in the cards this Summer? Maybe she has reason to not want him out on the town until 4am.”

Then, as it was confirmed that Amanda was not attending Andrea Denver, 33, and Lexi Sundin‘s wedding in Italy with Kyle, a video surfaced that seemed to feature him with the alleged other woman before a Loverboy event.

Shortly thereafter, however, an insider denied reports of an impending divorce.

“Kyle and Amanda are very much together,” the source said in a statement to Betches. “While Amanda was sadly not able to make it to Andrea’s wedding, they have another destination wedding in Italy this summer and they’re looking forward to spending time away together. It’s killing Kyle that he can’t be with her right now as these rumors circulate.”

Part two of the Summer House season eight reunion airs tonight, June 13, at 9/8c on Bravo.