VIDEO: Summer House’s Kyle Cooke Seemingly Looks Cozy With Another Woman in Charleston as He’s Accused of “Making Out” With Her Amid Amanda Batula Marriage Drama, Source Shares What Allegedly Went Down

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VIDEO: Summer House's Kyle Cooke Looks Cozy With Another Woman in Charleston as He's Accused of "Making Out" With Her Amid Amanda Batula Marriage Drama, Source Shares What Allegedly Went Down

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Did Kyle Cooke get caught cheating on his wife, Amanda Batula, again?

After enduring a tense summer with Amanda, 32, who expressed interest in stepping back from their beverage brand, Loverboy, and pursuing her own career dreams on recent episodes of Summer House, Kyle, 41, is being accused of engaging in a rendevous with another woman at Leva Bonaparte‘s Charleston bar.

“This video and DM came into my inbox last week. It appears Kyle was getting cozy with someone in Charleston the night before a Loverboy event. The video was taken at 12:47 am Friday night/Saturday morning,” Facereality16 wrote on Instagram on June 11. “In a nutshell they were seen making out in a dark corner and the next day Kyle acted like he wasn’t at the bar.”

The blogger went on to note that while there are “a million ways this could be absolutely nothing,” there are also “a million other ways this could be what it looks like.”

“The person seeing him make out and leave with her in addition to the denial of being there the next day were the biggest red flags for me,” they added, noting that Amanda was not in attendance at the Loverboy event the following day.


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In other posts shared by FaceReality16, DMs with their insider were shared, one of which confirmed Kyle’s alleged makeout occurred at Lamar’s.

“Kyle was making out … Basically like all over … This one female in the corner … He was BLASTED,” the source stated.

Then, the following day at the Loverboy event, Kyle allegedly denied he was ever at Lamar’s, saying, “Oh I’ve heard that’s a fun place.”

They went on to describe the supposed other woman, writing, “From what I recall, maybe Kyle’s height … Skinny … Blonde.”

Back in April, while appearing on Watch What Happens Live, Kyle opened up about his past cheating on Amanda while admitting he was feeling “lonely” in their marriage.

“That’s the part that I can’t erase, I can’t fix. I would like to think time heals all wounds. Every single time I find myself getting angry or upset, I have to remind myself that there’s a past I can’t change and I have to own it so it pulls at my heart,” he stated.

He then said that because he and Amanda were doing so much together, including working and filming, their “chemistry” and “camaraderie” had taken “a back seat.”

“That’s something we’re working on,” he added.

Part two of the Summer House season eight reunion airs Thursday, June 13, at 9/8c on Bravo.