Summer House’s Kyle Cooke Slams Amanda’s Work Ethic & Business Idea After Stepping Back From Loverboy as Amanda Defends Her Decision

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Summer House's Kyle Cooke Slams Amanda’s Work Ethics & Business Idea After Stepping Back From Loverboy as Amanda Defends Her Decision

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Kyle Cooke complained about Amanda Batula‘s work ethic after she attempted to distance herself from Loverboy on Thursday night’s Summer House.

After Amanda, 32, expressed interest in stepping back from Loverboy and branching out and doing her own thing, Kyle, 41, admitted to feeling frustrated by Amanda’s lack of motivation as he worried he would have to do the heavy lifting with her potential new endeavor.

“I didn’t realize until that moment that Amanda didn’t understand, you know, you’re a full-time employee and contributor, and I have to kind of beg you to kind of step up to the plate, and now you’re telling me you want to go do something else,” Kyle explained on the May 9 episode of the Summer House: After Show.

While Kyle suggested he was supportive of Amanda having other hobbies and interests, he noted that starting a new business was far more serious than taking up painting.

“I think that’s what threw me for a loop. I’m like, ‘What you’re talking about is starting another business, which is cool, but we don’t have any spare time for that right now,’” he shared.

According to Kyle, he has a hard enough time getting Amanda to be productive at Loverboy without the added pressure of a second business.

“I’m just struggling to get her to step up to the plate to do anything. And so all this sounded like to me was, ‘Hey, Kyle, I’ve got an idea, and I need you to do it.’ Because I know how it’s gonna shake out because that’s how everything shakes out in our relationship, me doing the work,” he stated. “I’m a husband, not a father, and I can’t help her adult. She’s talked about, she thinks she’d rather pursue an apparel line instead of the swimsuit [line]. But again, I don’t think she’s even Googled it.”

Looking back at their business drama, Amanda said she didn’t feel like Kyle heard her cries.

“It’s almost like he’s taking it personally because I was distancing myself a little bit from the day-to-day stuff at Loverboy, I was really just focusing on bigger picture things and merch stuff because things were getting messy with our relationship and working together. So I was trying to find more balance which would give me time to do other things,” she explained. “But he’s like, ‘If you’re gonna have time doing other things, I want you more hands-on with the brand,’ and I just disagree with it so I just don’t do anything.”

While Amanda acknowledged that she and Kyle are partners in Loverboy, she said it was “his baby” at the end of the day.

“I will do anything for the brand, but it’s not my child. It’s really his, and I want something of my own that I could have and own and be excited about,” she revealed.

That said, she doesn’t want to do it alone.

“I want him to be involved in it in some way because he is such a good businessman, he is such a good entrepreneur,” she shared. “I’d be able to benefit from him helping me out so much, and a part of me is like, ‘I helped you with the creative side, kicking your brand off the ground. Can you reciprocate that a little bit and help me with the business side to kick off something I want to do?’ But he’s focused on DJing and Loverboy, so I gotta wait for my turn.”

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