RHOA’s Porsha Williams’ Ex Simon Guobadia Issues Cease & Desist to Stop Bravo From Filming His Rolls-Royce, Demands She Reveal Her “Multi-Million Dollar” Salary Amid Prenup War

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RHOA’s Porsha Williams’ Ex Simon Guobadia Issues Cease & Desist to Stop Bravo From Filming His Rolls-Royce, Demands She Reveal Her “Multi-Million Dollar” Salary Amid Prenup War

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Real Housewives of Atlanta star Porsha Williams is in the midst of filming what seems to be a very dramatic season of the long-running show. She’s also still going through her messy divorce from Simon Guobadia. Though it seems things have been quieter between the two recently, he has now issued a cease and desist over her filming the show with his car. This comes after he recently demanded that she reveal her Bravo payday to the courts.

As fans will recall, this isn’t the first time the Rolls-Royce in question has come up since they separated. Recently, he congratulated new peach holder Shamea Morton over being what he described as the only person on the show with a car from the luxury automaker. This prompted Porsha and Kenya Moore to post pictures with two Rolls-Royce models.

Now, Radar Online has gotten a copy of the cease and desist that Simon and his legal team issued to the production company behind RHOA. In it, he alleges that Porsha is being filmed using the car and that they may have been filming it or taking photos of it. 

According to the letter,You are notified that pursuant to Georgia law, you are ordered to CEASE & DESIST any and all photographing, video recording, taping, and filming of the Rolls-Royce. Upon information and belief, True Entertainment, LLC may have been filming, recording, or photographing the Rolls-Royce while it may have been in use/and or possession  of third parties other than Mr. Simon Guobadia.”

The letter then goes on to say that he wants no images of the 2021 Rolls-Royce Ghost that may have already been taken to be released. He then threatens legal action if Porsha and the production company does not adhere to the letter. It also highlights that he is thesole legal owner.Radar Online has also obtained Simon’s proof of purchase and that he insured it in 2021 for his use only. 

Also, according to Radar Online, the two are also fighting over the enforcement of their prenup, which is said to have been signeddaysbefore their wedding. Simon has argued that his estranged wife’s income is necessary to determine theenforceabilityof the divorce agreement. 

According to his filing,Wife’s financial status and whether her current financial status of earning multi-millions just a little over 12 months into the parties’ marriage would make enforcement of the prenuptial agreement fair. The only way for this Court to comply with its duties under the law in determining the enforceability of the prenuptial agreement is to explore the finances, income, and financial status of the Wife.”

The filing goes on,The Wife publicly announced her return to the Real Housewives of Atlanta just a few days prior to her filing of this divorce action. The Wife also publicly announced that she has entered into an overall scripted talent deal with NBC Universal Entertainment. It is apparent that Wife’s financial status and income has changed since the prenuptial agreement was executed in November 2022.” 

He has also requested that Porsha hand over communications she’s had with Bravo and production. It’s unclear how much Porsha will be able to discuss her divorce on the show as Simon seems determined to make filming the Sweet 16season of RHOA a nightmare for both his estranged wife and production.