Vanderpump Rules’ Scheana Shay Disagrees With Lala’s Criticism of Ariana, Addresses How Tom Played Her and His Drama With Billie, Plus Closest Co-Star, Cast Not Watching Show, and If She’d Reconcile With Rachel

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Vanderpump Rules' Scheana Shay Disagrees With Lala's Criticism of Ariana, Addresses How Tom Played Her, and His Drama With Billie, Plus Closest Co-Star, Cast Not Watching Show, and If She'd Reconcile With Rachel

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Scheana Shay doesn’t agree with Lala Kent that Ariana Madix coasted through seasons of Vanderpump Rules before “Scandoval” and failed to give much storyline to the show.

Amid Lala’s ongoing criticism of Ariana, 38, which ramped up on the heels of the season 11 reunion, Scheana, 38, admitted to feeling differently on her podcast as she also shared how she got “played” by Tom Sandoval, 41, reacted to his drama with Billie Lee, 39, revealed if she’s open to making amends with Rachel “Raquel” Leviss, 29, and more.

“Ariana was battling with depression for several years and I think that she was giving her 100 percent,” Scheana noted on the June 14 episode of Scheananigans after being asked about Lala’s claims. “She was doing the best she could and whether people found that entertaining or not, that was just her living her truth and putting her mental health journey out there and I think that is something that is important to put on reality TV.  That’s what I love so much about [Nia Sanchez] on The Valley opening up about her post-partum depression. I think those types of things are what people can really relate to and know that they’re not alone. [And] I applaud anyone who can put that out there.”

Looking back at the conclusion of Pump Rules season 11, which featured Tom saying it was “good for him” that Ariana refused to speak to him, Scheana admitted she felt played in the moment.

“In the finale, you saw me pressing him on whether or not he was being genuine or if he was playing me, if it was for cameras or whatnot, and I felt like that hot mic moment kind of gave me my answer and it was just like, ‘Hm. There you go. You said that,'” she stated.

More recently, Tom has been making headlines for his drama with Billie, who called out him and his girlfriend, Victoria Lee Robinson, 31, for their supposed drug use and toxic relationship earlier this month.

“Billie is not one of my favorite people. I think she is a known liar. I also don’t really know Tom and Victoria’s relationship. I don’t really talk to them. I don’t hang out with them,” Scheana began of the topic. “I only know what I hear through friends like [Kyle Chan] or [Tom Schwartz] or [Max Boyens] about their relationship.”

“But from everything I’ve heard,” she continued, “there’s a lot of lies that Billie is being caught in and I think will continue to be caught in. I think she maybe had her own idea of how things were gonna go when Tom and Ariana broke up and maybe she thought she was just gonna scoot on it but that didn’t happen and then Victoria came in the picture so maybe there’s some jealousy. I don’t know, but I don’t like her.”

When a listener asked which of her Pump Rules co-stars she’s closest with, Scheana named Lala.

“I see Lala all the time. We’re literally neighbors in both houses so I see her the most,” she revealed. “[James Kennedy] and [Ally Lewber] I see as often as I can. We’re actually going to Vegas this weekend for [Brock Davies]’s birthday. And Schwartz, occasionally, we saw him for Pride and then outside of VPR, my Valley girls. Those are my mom friends so I see them all the time [for] playdates [and] dinner.”

Another listener wanted to know if Scheana gets annoyed when her co-stars don’t watch the show.

“Yes and no,” Scheana replied. “No, because I understand it because I, too, one season, didn’t want to watch things back with an ex. So I understand it. I do think for reunion purposes it’s important to be up to date on certain conversations … just so you have some more context. But I do understand. It’s tough. It’s not easy to always live it and then watch it back and live it again for the audience and the comments section.”

As for whether she’d be willing to make amends with Raquel if her former castmate and friend offered her a genuine apology for her affair with Tom and the restraining order she filed against her shortly thereafter, Scheana admitted she’s not holding her breath.

“I don’t have any reason to mend things with her. Forgiveness is an act of letting go of resentment and anger. I’ve already let go of the anger. I don’t even think about that anymore but it’s not like a magic eraser or a time machine to a previous time so I think that ship of friendship has sailed pretty far,” she confirmed.

Vanderpump Rules is currently on pause ahead of its 12th season.