PHOTOS: Woman Leaks Alleged Texts From Jax Taylor, and Shares Pic of Herself in Jax & Brittany Cartwright’s Bedroom Amid Separation

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PHOTOS: Woman Leaks Alleged Texts and Shares Pic of Herself in Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright’s Bedroom Amid Separation

Jax Taylor is being accused of sleeping with another woman amid his separation from his wife Brittany Cartwright.

Following several outings with model Paige Woolen, 32, who he denied he was dating at the end of last month, the 44-year-old star of The Valley and Vanderpump Rules has found himself at the center of a scandal on Reddit, where a video was recently shared that included text messages and an alleged photo of a mystery woman in his bed.

TV Show Ace shared the news on June 20, saying that the unnamed woman came forward after Jax seemingly accused Brittany, 35, of sleeping with someone else for four months before insinuating it was actually him she was sleeping with.

“So I’m a little hesitant to [write] this [because] I’m not sure if I want to out myself on this but I have [a lot] of info of Jax being with other girls during April and have receipts and everything,” the woman stated. “Most of my receipts would probably give myself away. So give me just a minute to come to terms with the fact that I’m probably gonna out myself here, but basically from what I know, Jax liked something on [Instagram] about winning her back like on the day of his son’s birthday or something right? [Because]… I was in that man’s bed the night before that birthday party. I have a picture of myself in his bed and I have texts of us talking about it.“

In the texts the woman shared, she was seen sending a series of messages, which read, “I’m [eight] whole minutes away … Leaving now … Here.”

The other person, who was saved under the name “Jax,” then said, “Come through the gate,” and included his gate code.

The following day, on April 12 around 10 a.m., the woman received a text that asked, “Is this too soon?”

In the messages that followed, the person had written, “I smell of you all over me,” “All I can think about is eating your a**,” and “It just tastes so good … and those toes.”

The exchange also featured a request for the woman to return and an image of Jax attending a wedding.

Jax is Jaxxing- this time in their shared bed. Let’s discuss.
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At the end of the Reddit clip, the narrator showcased a photo the woman sent to her, which supposedly showed her in Jax’s bed.

Woman Allegedly Photographed In Jax Taylor's Bed

The narrator went on to share additional screenshots taken of Jax and Brittany’s marital bedroom, not by the woman in question, to allow her fans and followers to compare.

Woman Allegedly Photographed In Jax Taylor's Bedroom

The Valley season two is expected to go into production next month.