The Valley’s Jax Taylor Claims He and Brittany Are “Working Things Out,” Shares Pic of Her Sleeping in Bed With Son Cruz After Accusing Her of “Sleeping With” Another Man

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The Valley's Jax Taylor Claims He and Brittany Are "Working Things Out," Shares Pic of Her Sleeping in Bed With Son Cruz After Accusing Her of “Sleeping With” Another Man

Jax Taylor took to his X account this week to confirm that he and Brittany Cartwright are working things out amid their separation.

Following the dramatic season finale of The Valley, which featured Jax, 44, and Brittany, 35, discussing her decision to separate and move out of their $1.9 million home, and after Jax seemingly accused his estranged wife of sleeping with another man, he returned to social media with a very different statement.

“Are you and Brit back together???” a fan asked the Vanderpump Rules alum on Wednesday.

“We are working things out … what you saw was filmed months ago,” he replied.

Jax also made a point to delete his prior X message, which said, “You may want to ask Brittany who she’s been sleeping with for the past [four] months.”

Vanderpump Rules Jax Taylor Says He and Brittany Are Working Things Out

Before responding to the curious fan, Jax had shared what appeared to be a telling photo to his account in which Brittany was seen sleeping in bed next to their three-year-old son Cruz.

“Never fails, he ends up sideways every time,” Jax wrote in the caption, not saying anything about Brittany specifically.

The Valley Jax Taylor Shares Pic of Brittany in His Bed Amid Separation

Although Jax seems to think that he and Brittany are headed for a reconciliation, Britany said on Tuesday that the two of them are “definitely” still separated and able to date other people.

As fans will recall, Jax stepped out with model Paige Woolen, 32, just over a week ago for an alleged three-hour lunch date and was later seen with her at Jeremy Madix‘s birthday, where she jokingly suggested she was “pregnant.”

Following Jax’s outing with Paige, Brittany responded to a video shared by a viewer of The Valley who slammed Jax for alluding to Brittany having a drinking problem and suspected Brittany was “sick all the time” because she’s “treated terribly” by her estranged spouse.

“She’s in a bad relationship and she knows there’s nothing she can do to make it any better,” the person stated.

“Thank you, [and] just imagine what I’ve been through behind closed doors,” Brittany replied.

The Valley has been renewed by Bravo and is expected to go into production on season two sometime later this year.