RHONY: Jill Zarin’s Daughter Ally Shapiro Discusses “Blackmail” Plot Against Family, and Shares New Details About Sperm Bank Mix-Up Involving Biological Dad

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RHONY: Jill Zarin’s Daughter Ally Claims Someone Was “Blackmailing” Her Family into Telling Her That Her Biological Dad Was a Sperm Donor, and Shares More Details concerning Sperm Bank Mix-Up

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Jill Zarin’s daughter Ally Shapiro claims someone was “blackmailing” her family into sharing that her biological dad was a sperm donor. She then revealed more details about the situation.

A few years back, the Real Housewives of New York daughter discovered that her mom used a sperm donor, and the man she thought was her biological dad actually wasn’t. She also shared that, years later, she found out her biological father was actually a different sperm donor because there was a mix-up at the sperm bank.

In a recent TikTok video, Ally raised her hand up and asked followers to “put a finger down if at 21 years old you found out that your father wasn’t your biological father and that one of your family members is blackmailing your family into telling you this.”

“Because even though your parents loved you and were married, they couldn’t have biological children so they found a sperm donor,” Ally went on. “Then you find six half siblings and your sperm-donor father.”

She continued, “Then three years later on 23andMe, you match with someone that says, ‘Surprise! I’m your father.’ Which means that the sperm bank mixed up the sperm and the [donor] that your mom chose … wasn’t actually your biological father. So the person you’ve been talking to for three years wasn’t related to you, and this stranger is.”

She indicated that she’s discovered “six more half-siblings,” and she had to tell the first family that they weren’t actually related.

At the end of the video, Ally lowered one finger.


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In 2022, Ally first opened up about her discovery.

“When I was 20 yrs old moving into my senior year of college I found an email on my mom’s computer asking her why I was the only one who had blue eyes [and] was shorter and fatter than everyone in my family,” said Ally in the caption of a TikTok video.

After her mom revealed the donor’s information, Ally found six brothers and one sister.

“We eventually found our donor dad, and some of us even met!” said Ally, who explained that, three years later, she matched with a different father on 23andMe.

“We discovered the sperm bank actually mixed up the sperm – now this man was my bio dad and not the one I had [been] speaking to with all my new siblings,” she explained.