Jax Taylor Exposes Brittany’s “Weird” Sex Request Amid Separation and Discusses The Valley Season 2 Start Date, Unaired Drama, and Secret Cast Feud

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The Valley's Jax Taylor Exposes Brittany's "Weird" Sex Request Amid Separation as She Claims She'll "Knock [Him] Out" If He Starts Dating, Plus Season 2 Start Date, Unaired Drama, and Secret Cast Feud

Credit: Bravo

Jax Taylor put his estranged wife, Brittany Cartwright, on blast on their joint podcast on Thursday.

Amid their months-long separation, Jax, 44, revealed that Brittany, 35, had asked him about sex as they admitted their current dynamic is “weird” and Jax detailed what fans can expect from the upcoming second season of The Valley, which is set to begin filming next month.

“Brittany called me and said there’s an after party at the Chateau Marmont or Bar Marmont or whatever so then I decided — I was at [Jax’s Studio City] at the time for my karaoke night — so I said, ‘I’m gonna swing on over there.’ I was on one last night,” Jax began on the June 20 episode of When Reality Hits, via Vanderpod Recaps on Instagram.

“You were litty-lit,” Brittany agreed.

Jax admitted that he was “a little angry” that Brittany didn’t invite him to the after party for The Bikeriders earlier this week, and said he wished she would’ve let him know ahead of time.

“I’m like, ‘I want you to invite me to these things.’ Say like, ‘Hey, I miss you,’” he explained.

“As stated before, we are in a weird relationship … [But] I still said that you could come,” Jax replied.

Jax went on to detail their status.

“The other day, you were like, ‘Hey should we have sex?’ You asked me if we should have sex or not. We don’t even know where we are right now,” he revealed. “I don’t know, at this point, we can just laugh at it. It’s such a weird thing … You’re like, ‘Should we have sex or not?’”

Although Brittany seemed to think that Jax revealed the info on their show because he “just really [wanted] people to know,” Jax pointed out that they are an “open book” before mentioning dating.

“We’re an open book here until you start dating somebody or something, or I start dating somebody,” he stated.

But Brittany didn’t want to hear that, telling Jax, “I’ll knock you out,” before he insisted, “I’m definitely not … I’m not in the market for dating right now.

During another segment of the podcast, Jax confirmed the upcoming start of filming on season two before revealing he’s going into production with an agenda.

“We are starting back up. I don’t know if I’m allowed to say the day but in July,” Jax confirmed, via Us Weekly. “A lot is going down. A lot is going to happen. You guys are in for it because I’m going to make sure there are things that are going to be told this time.”

“I feel like everything wasn’t let out of the bag. There was a lot of like, ‘Why wasn’t this shown?’” he continued of season one. “That’s not going to happen. Some of you people are going to be in for a surprise.”

As The Valley fans may recall, Jax previously stated that fans didn’t see a lot of what went down with Danny Booko, 40, amid production on the series’ debut season.

“They just didn’t put it on the TV and I’m shocked,” Jax shared. “I’m excited for the season but there’s some things that need to be out of the bag. Cat needs to be out of the bag on a few different things.”

Jax also hinted that he and one of his castmates were no longer on good terms, confirming that said co-star would not be included in his upcoming birthday.