Danielle Olivera Announces Exit From Summer House Season 9: “I Just Need to Trust My Gut,” Plus Fans React With Mixed Emotions

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Danielle Olivera Reveals She Will Not Appear in Full-Time Role on Summer House Season 9 as Fans React With Mixed Emotions

Credit: Instagram

Danielle Olivera confirmed in an Instagram statement on Tuesday that she will not be returning for Summer House season nine.

In a lengthy message to her fans and followers, Danielle, 35, who joined the Bravo reality series for its second season and has appeared on each season since, revealed that she would be stepping back from her position and focusing her attention on other things.

“Hello my sweet loves, I wanted to share that I’ve come to the heartbreaking decision to not return as a full time cast member on the upcoming season of Summer House,” Danielle began on June 25. “Obviously this decision didn’t come without a tremendous amount of thought. Ultimately, I just need to trust my gut. If I can’t put 100% of myself into filming, genuinely and authentically, it really doesn’t feel right doing it in a full time capacity. The network, production, my cast, and especially all of you deserve that.”

“Right now I need to protect and prioritize things that matter most to me – my company, my people, and of course myself,” she added.

Danielle Olivera Confirms Summer House Exit

“I’m so grateful that my NBCU/Bravo and Truly Original family understand this and have supported whatever decision I chose to reach,” Danielle continued in a second slide to her post. “I was fortunate enough to be able to take a step back season [four] as well, and it ended up working out better than I imagined.”

Daniell went on to suggest that she will still be seen on season nine but in a lesser capacity.

“However I’m involved this summer, you can bet I’ll be rooting for another incredible season from my Summer House fam. Muy goodness, season [nine] you guys!!!” she concluded.

Danielle Olivera Hints at Cameos on Summer House Season 9

Following the sharing of her announcement, Danielle was met with mixed reactions from her online audience.

After Bravo offered a couple of heart emojis and fan pages labeled her a “queen” and an “icon,” one person made it clear they would not be missing Danielle on the show.

“BEST. NEWS. EVER.” they wrote. They added, “Take [Lindsay Hubbard] with you … BYE!”

A couple of other unruly Instagram users wondered if Danielle had been fired and questioned her decision to share a statement.

Summer House Danielle Olivera Faces Firing rumors After Exit Announcement

“The show is better for it. [You] sucked,” said another critic.

As the unkind mentions continued, with more claims of a potential firing, Danielle turned off her comments.

Danielle Olivera Fans Think She Was Fired From Summer HouseSummer House season nine is expected to go into production sometime in the coming weeks.