PHOTOS: RHOC Alum Jeana Keough is Called Out for Photoshop Fail by Daughter Kara Who Demands She Take Down Pic as Fans React, See the Before and After Photoshopped Pics

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PHOTOS: RHOC Alum Jeana Keough's Daughter Kara Calls Her Out for FaceTune Fail, Demands She Take Down Pic as Fans Tell Her "This is Not Your Face"

Credit: Instagram

Jeana Keough‘s daughter, Kara Keough-Bosworth, called her out for a FaceTune fail on Instagram this week, hilariously demanding that the Real Housewives of Orange County alum immediately remove her photo from the social media platform.

As fans and followers of Jeana, 68, took aim at the ex-reality star, questioning her about what she did to alter the image she shared and telling her that the face in the photo did not belong to her, Kara, 35, intervened.

“Take this down, now,” Kara wrote in the comments section of Jeana’s pic, which featured her and a male friend.

Others in the comments section were equally put off by the overly-edited image of Jeana, asking, “What is happening her with the face?” Someone else added, “That’s not your face, stop it.”

Another person said, “Legit how’s the filter[?] You didn’t even look this way 20 years ago haha.”

RHOC Jeana Keough Called Out By Daughter Kara Over FaceTune Fail

After Kara and others called her out, Jeana erased the image and shared another photo of herself — the same image, but unedited. And after she did, as seen in screenshots shared by Comments by Bravo on Instagram, Jeana was applauded for doing so.

“There’s my girl,” Kara proclaimed.

RHOC Jeana Keough Replaces Filtered Image With Real Pic of Face

And Kara wasn’t the only one impressed by Jeana’s decision to share her true self. Other commenters of the second, unfiltered photo said she looked “beautiful” and “gorgeous.”

“Love this pic without filters! You look so good you need to give yourself credit!!” someone else stated.

A couple more said that the latter image was “the real Jeana” and praised her as a “natural beauty.”

RHOC Jeana Keough Applauded for Sharing Unfiltered Photo

Jeana Keough and her family were featured on The Real Housewives of Orange County from season one through season five, and they were also seen periodically in later seasons.