PHOTO: RHOC’s Jeana Keough Posts New Heavily-Filtered Pic of Herself as Her Daughter Kara Trolls Her Again: ‘This Ain’t It, Sis’ Plus Fans Also React

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RHOC's Jeana Keough Trolled By Daughter Kara Again After Sharing Another Heavily-Filtered Photo of Herself: 'This Ain’t It, Sis'

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Jeana Keough is under fire for sharing yet another filtered photo of herself on Instagram.

Just days after the 68-year-old Real Housewives of Orange County alum was called out by her daughter, Kara Keough-Bosworth, 35, for posting a photo that looked nothing like her, Jeana again posted an image of herself on social media that prompted her daughter to speak out.

“Campus jax Tijuana dogs!” Jeana wrote in the caption of a July 5 post on Instagram, which featured her heavily edited face alongside a friend.

Right away, Kara, who had demanded Jeana delete the FaceTuned photo of herself she shared last week, reacted, telling her mom, “This ain’t it, sis.”

RHOC Jeana Keough Uses Filters Again After Daughter Kara Calls Her Out

Also in the comments section of the post, a number of Jeana’s fans and followers shaded her for sharing the pic and begged her to embrace her natural beauty — and her age.

“Honey please stop acting like there is something wrong with women aging gracefully. You are a perfect natural example of that…. FaceTune is working against you,” one person stated.

“Jeana, you’re so beautiful naturally, please put the Facetune down,” another agreed.

“C’mon Jeana!!! Be realistic,” wrote a third. “What’s the point of posting someone who looks nothing like you? I’d be embarrassed to do that. Stop. Everyone ages.”

Some others demanded Jeana “stop the filters,” noting that they “know how old” she is and reminding her that she is “beautiful without the filters.”

“No need to use filters to look like you’re 25. You are a beautiful woman being natural,” someone else shared.

Others suggested that Jeana had shared the edited photo as a joke.

“It’s obviously a joke! Cracking up and all the people that are actually upset about it,” someone suspected.

“She’s messin around lol,” agreed another IG user.

Last week, after being called out by Kara, Jeana adhered to her daughter’s request, removed the edited image of herself, and posted an unedited version of herself and a friend.

RHOC Jeana Keough Replaces Filtered Image With Real Pic of Face

Jeana Keough was featured on The Real Housewives of Orange County from season one through season five.