What Did Jax Say About Brittany In Recording On Vanderpump Rules? Plus Why Bravo Didn’t Play the Audio!

    what did jax say about brittany on vanderpump rules

    The highly awaited episode of Vanderpump Rules aired tonight which featured the infamous recording of Jax Taylor trashing his girlfriend Brittany Cartwright to the girl he cheated on her with aka Faith Stowers!

    For starters, viewers noticed that Bravo didn’t air the audio on the show despite the fact that Brittany played it for everyone. And apparently there’s a valid reason for that. Read more

    Is Vanderpump Rules’ Scheana Marie “Delusional” About Relationship With Rob? Plus He Blames Her Costars for Split

    Scheana Marie and Robert Valletta break up

    Is Vanderpump Rules star Scheana Marie completely delusional over her relationship with Robert Valletta?

    Following accusations on the last episode of the show that Rob was spotted cheating on her, a new report is stating that Scheana is in a bit of denial over how Rob truly feels about her! Read more

    Vanderpump Rules Recap: Jax Hits a New Low

    vanderpump rules recap season 6 episode 5

    What’s the fastest way to get out of infidelity rumors on Vanderpump Rules? Spread another rumor about yet another friend cheating and then BINGO! #Getoutofjailcard

    Over at Katie and Tom’s apartment, the dudes assemble to discuss the latest scandal. The ladies enter and you can tell that it’s gonna be an awkward night for everyone…starting with Jax getting kicked out by Katie. He makes no qualms about exiting on his motorized cooler (??) and I don’t blame him for GTFO-ing. Katie begins laying into Schwartzie in front of company and Schwartzie states he has a BIG problem with Katie telling him there’s no more drinking. He basically says, sorry Bub, but that’s not gonna be the case. Read more

    Vanderpump Rules’ Jax Is Secretly Recorded Dissing Brittany! Find Out What He Said

    Brittany Cartwright and Jax Taylor

    Oh boy as it seems there is definitely more drama on the way for  Vanderpump Rules couple Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright.

    As most Pump Rules fans are aware by now, Jax finally admitted to Brittany that he cheated on her with former SUR server Faith Stowers, but unbeknownst to Brittany, Jax’s betrayal is much worse than she realizes. Read more