Erika Jayne Slammed By RHOBH Fans After Lashing Out At Teddi Mellencamp and Making Her Cry! Plus She Throws Shade at Teddi

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rhobh erika jayne backlash over teddi

Erika Girardi is under fire for her treatment of Teddi Mellencamp on last night’s episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and is now on the receiving end of backlash from fans!

On last night’s episode, Teddi was targeted by Erika Jayne after she accused Erika of pretending not to remember a comment she had made during an earlier conversation they had. 

It all had to do with comments Dorit Kemsley made about Lisa Vanderpump to the other housewives when she called Lisa needy and in constant need of attention. Teddi spoke to Erika about Dorit’s comments and during that conversation, Erika told Teddi she would have been upset as well had Dorit said the same things about her.

And although there was footage of Erika saying what she said, she claimed not to remember when called out by Teddi during the cast dinner, which led to Teddi telling Erika she had “pretend amnesia.”

Erika completely lashed out in anger, telling Teddi not to “f**k with” her.

“Don’t ever, ever do that to me!” Erika screamed while wagging her fingers at Teddi.

In response to the shocking reaction she got from Erika at dinner, Teddi walked out of the restaurant in tears, having to be comforted by Lisa while Erika proceeded to call her a “crybaby.”

RHOBH fans had such a negative reaction to Erika’s behavior on the episode and took to Twitter to let her know just how they really felt! She was flooded with backlash from her fans and followers.

“Does it make you feel good to be a b***h to Teddi for no reason?” one person asked. “My love for you went from 100 to 0 real quick.”

“I lost so much respect for Erica tonight,” another added. Others slammed Erika as “mean” and labeled her actions against Teddi as “unnecessary” and “disappointing.”

Other comments include those seen below –

Erika you have been my absolute favorite. What you did to Teddi was not cool.”

Erika seems so mean girl this year. I hope something changes with her.”

“Good luck with selling your book since you just lost all your fans. True Erika from the hood just surfaced. Teddi is so much better than her. Take your stylists and go away.”

Erika is beginning to get on my nerves. Stop bullying Teddi damn #rhobh”

Fans were also able to voice their opinions on her antics during last night’s Watch What Happens Live and a whopping 91 percent of them confirmed they were Team Teddi in a poll.

For the time being, Erika doesn’t seem to have any regrets in regards to her behavior, as she threw shade at Teddi over her Bravo blog, by calling it “pure comedy” in a tweet from last night.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills season eight airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. on Bravo TV.

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