Farrah Abraham Slams MTV After Teen Mom OG “Fake Firing” Scene! Claims They Created ‘Unsafe’ Environment For Sofia

by Lindsay Cronin

farrah abraham slams teen mom og

Farrah Abraham wasn’t happy with MTV after watching her final episode of Teen Mom OG air on Monday night and took to social media to express her frustrations.

After fans watched as producer Morgan J. Freeman explained to Farrah that he and his crew wouldn’t be able to continue working with her if she failed to put an end to her career in the adult industry, Farrah shared a couple of tweets — and a message reportedly sent from her nine-year-old daughter Sophia Abraham.

First Farrah claimed MTV discriminated against her and created an unsafe environment for her daughter Sofia.

Farrah tweeted, “@TeenMom @MTV @Viacom Shame on #Viacom for creating all of this damage hate discrimination inequality wrong doing around children I’ve done all I can do to protect my child from this unsafe environment. I will always stand strong to influence change #justice #leadership #equality.”

During Monday night’s episode of Teen Mom OG, Freeman told Farrah that if she was planning to continue going down the path of adult entertainment, he and his crew would be cutting ties with her. In turn, Farrah informed him that her involvement in the adult industry was far more beneficial to her than her career in reality television.

“I will always continue to do that regardless if it’s my own show, not on MTV anymore,” she explained.

She then took to Twitter to accuse MTV of exploiting her. She wrote, “#judgement all day fake firing threatening … I’m tired of working around a company who exploits my sexuality yet harasses me for my sexuality #timesup #unsafe boring tactics that should be stopped… let’s look at your sex lives..you have no room to speak.”

In addition to the Twitter posts shared on Farrah’s page, there was also a message sent from a page verified as her daughter’s. However, as the bio reads, the page is operated by an adult, not Sophia herself.