Jax Taylor Slams Scheana Marie For Setting Brittany Up With Adam! Plus Faith Stowers To Appear On New Reality Show

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On the latest episode of Vanderpump Rules, viewers saw Scheana Marie set up Brittany Cartwright with another man without the knowledge of Jax Taylor aka Brittany’s boyfriend!

Scheana admitted it was somewhat of a payback to Jax for telling their costars that her then boyfriend Rob Valletta didn’t love her (Rob did say that to Jax), and also because she felt Brittany deserved better after Jax cheated on her with Faith Stowers.

Well Jax is now speaking out today and slamming Scheana for what she did.

In a series of tweets posted on March 15, Jax throws major shade at Scheana and implores her to butt out of his relationship.

After Bravo posted a video of Scheana talking about setting Brittany up with SUR worker Adam, Jax responded to that post by tweeting, “Well Britt [and] I are doing amazing and she can’t keep a man… that is fact so …” Yikes.

But he didn’t end there as he also wondered why Scheana felt the need to get involved in his relationship.

He tweeted, “Why people need to involve themselves in my relationship when they can’t even keep there own going is beyond me. But whatever makes ya happy in life.”

He also agreed with a fan who called Scheana’s actions a “shady move.” Below are screenshots of Jax’s tweets.

jax tweets

Scheana has yet to respond to his comments.

In other Jax news, Faith doesn’t appear to be going away anytime soon as just days after it was reported she will be present at the Vanderpump Rules reunion, it was also revealed today that she will be appearing on an all new reality show!

MTV announced their new reality show today titled Ex On The Beach. The show is described as a social experiment and features reality stars from multiple shows including Big Brother, The Bachelorette, Bachelor in Paradise, Vanderpump Rules, Are You the One?and Bad Girls Club. 

These reality stars will arrive in paradise aka a beautiful beach in Hawaii for what they believe will be a regular dating show. The joke is however on them when they realize their exes will also be there with them!

The show promises a ton of drama, hookups and revenge! The 10-episode series debuts Thursday, April 19 at 9/8c on MTV. You can see the full cast list and cast photo below –

The Singles:
Jasmine Goode — “Bachelor in Paradise”
Chase McNary — “The Bachelorette”
Paul Calafiore — “Big Brother”
Faith Stowers — “Vanderpump Rules”
Cory Wharton — “The Challenge”
Angela Babicz – “Bad Girls Club”
Taylor Selfridge — “Are You The One?”
Tor’i Brooks
Victoria Alario
Chris Pearson

The Exes:
Shanley Mcintee – “Are You The One?”
Derrick Henry – “Are You The One?”
Cameron Kolbo – “Are You The One?”
Joe Torgerson – “Are You The One?”
Alicia Wright – “Are You The One?”
Andre Siemers – “Are You The One?”
Marcus  Rosenzweig
Marco Delvecchio
Skyler Mikkelson
Lexi Marsella
June Robinson
Luis Rivera
Haley Read
Chelsko Thompson


Ex On The Beach Cast Photo

The cast of MTV’s Ex On The Beach

Faith Stowers on Ex On The Beach

Faith Stowers Will Appear on MTV’s Ex On The Beach

Photos Credit – Bravo, MTV, Startraksphoto