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Real Housewives of Atlanta

Real Housewives of Atlanta Recap: Back in Atlanta

rhoa recap kim zolciak vs kandi burruss

After a pretty eventful trip to Barcelona, the Real Housewives of Atlanta peaches were probably looking forward to the comforts of home, but for NeNe, the drama was just getting started. And this time, it was far more serious than the usual petty squabbles.

In case you missed it, NeNe is a stand up comedienne now. It’s an interesting career choice because, well, she isn’t funny. But, perhaps I’m alone in that opinion, because Kandi, and her band Xscape, invited NeNe to tour with them.

While they were all performing in the Bay Area, NeNe started to make a joke that, according to her, was meant to serve as a cautionary tale for women about the dangers of riding in Ubers alone with male drivers. See? Not funny.

But the first rule of comedy is ‘know your audience’, and NeNe broke it. You see, Uber is headquartered in the Bay Area, and several of their employees were in the audience. Needless to say, they didn’t appreciate NeNe’s “comedy”.

A female heckler, who NeNe said was talking loudly throughout her performance, piped up even louder, and told NeNe to “kill” herself!

Ok, suicide is no joking matter,  and no one should ever throw it around casually. But this is where Kandi and her group made a mistake in hiring NeNe in the first place. Heckling is par for the course in stand up comedy..the nastier the better…and NeNe tends to go all the way off at the slightest provocation.

So, I’m not sure what they were expecting, but NeNe gave it to them and then some…and it landed like a dead dog. She told the heckler that she hoped she got raped by her Uber driver on her way home from the show.  Oh, NeNe, NO!  Just…no. And also, as previously mentioned, not funny.

In this age of smart phones and social media, NeNe’s horrible attempt at a clap back was soon viewed by millions, and in this age of the #metoo movement, the backlash from the public was swift and harsh.

To her credit, NeNe had the good sense to be humble and contrite, for once. She made a tearful Instagram post apologizing for offending anyone, and actually seemed quite sincere. After all, NeNe has spoken out against domestic violence for years, and certainly doesn’t take assaults on women lightly.

The other ladies were mostly supportive of NeNe, and while they acknowledged that her comment had been inappropriate, they believed her when she said she had “seen red” in the moment, and spoke without thinking.

Even Kandi was supportive and forgiving, which was surprising considering she had gotten NeNe the job, and her first hand knowledge of the amount of power of the word rape carries.

Kandi was actually hoping the scandal would blow over quickly, and the tour could move on as planned, but in the end, the promoters decided they couldn’t risk the bad publicity, and fired NeNe from the show.

NeNe’s week was turning out to be pretty stressful. But, as the saying goes, ‘when it rains, it pours’. And Kim was about to drop a deluge on NeNe.

The two women, and Kim’s daughter, Brielle had been involved in a nasty social media battle stemming from a video Brielle had taken in NeNe’s bathroom that showed an alleged roach crawling on the floor.

Kim sent the video to the others while they were in Barcelona, in an effort to embarrass NeNe, after she found out that NeNe had been making jokes about her marriage and health.

Although Kim has claimed that she only sent the video to the other ladies, it somehow went viral, along with Kim and Brielle’s comments about NeNe’s “filthy, roach nest” of a house.

Now, like I said NeNe goes all the way off at the slightest provocation, so obviously, she wasn’t wasn’t going to take this lying down. Aside from the violation of Brielle (an uninvited guest) taking videos in her home, and using them to publicly shame her, NeNe felt the comments were racist, and labeled Kim, and her entire family, as such on social media.

This isn’t the first time Kim has made a comment that NeNe felt was racist, and she’s never hesitated to call her out on it. But racist is another powerful word that people don’t take lightly, and Kim claims that she and her family received death threats after NeNe’s comments. So, after firing back at Nene on social media, Kim took things a step further, and had NeNe served with a cease and desist order.

NeNe wasn’t too concerned about the legal action, apparently, because she lit the papers on fire as soon as the process server left. Besides, she reasoned, Kim had made plenty of defamatory comments about her  over the years, too, including her most recent comments about NeNe possibly being “on pills”.

NeNe and Kim have been going round and round for years, and this latest drama isn’t likely to resolve itself any time soon. But Kim knows NeNe well enough to know that she can’t go up against her alone. She needs allies, and perhaps that’s why she’s circling the wagons.

First, Kim rekindled her long ago friendship with Sheree, whose own friendship with NeNe is tenuous at best. And after a season spent cackling and spreading rumors about their cast mates, the two appear to be inseparable. Then, last night, she appeared to be recruiting  Kandi—an interesting and rather bold choice.

Granted, Kandi and Kim were besties back in the day…and I mean WAY back in the day. But after Kandi produced Kim’s song, “Tardy for the Party”, and felt that she wasn’t fairly compensated, the friendship had ended bitterly. And now, after years of barely speaking  to each other, Kim invited her to lunch. Coincidence? I think not.

Kandi was reluctant accept Kim’s unexpected invitation at first, mainly because of her friendship with NeNe. But guess who swooped in, and convinced her to go? Yep…Sheree! And Kandi, poor, sweet, unsuspecting lamb that she is, agreed.

And that’s how, a few days later, Kandi found herself sitting in a restaurant waiting for Kim…for hours. Kim does this often. It’s a power move…one that says her time is more valuable than the other person’s. The crazy thing is that it works, and in all these years, no one has ever just gotten up and walked out.

But Kim showed up eventually, driven, of course, by her chauffer/husband, Kroy, and throwing out a breezy, noncommittal excuse about a “huge wreck”.

For some reason, Kim being driven by Kroy has been a source of annoyance among the other ladies, and Kandi brought it up immediately, saying that Kim used her husband as an “escape route”.

Kim said that the other ladies must be jealous of her close relationship with her husband, because why else did they care, or even know, how she got where she was going?

Kandi assured Kim that they weren’t jealous, just frustrated because she was  never “fully present”, and that even when Kroy wasn’t waiting outside, the two texted incessantly, interrupting the women’s time together, and cited the time they were all having a psychic reading at The Elephant Room, for emphasis.

Kim asked “when the f***” she took any calls at The Elephant Room, and Kandi asked “who the f***” Kim was cursing at, and said that if she was annoyed with the conversation, she should “do what she usually does”, and leave.

But Kim wasn’t going to walk out. She’s building an army. And to that end, she cut to the chase, and brought up her feud with NeNe.

Kandi actually defended NeNe pretty fiercely. She said that while she didn’t think Kim was racist, she did understand why NeNe took her comments that way, and that she didn’t understand why Kim would have involved her daughter in grown women’s business.

Kim said that she hadn’t involved her daughter, nor had she directed her to make the video. She said the choice to share the video had been her own, and in fact, she said, Brielle had “taken a bullet” for her by bearing the brunt of NeNe’s wrath.

Kim also said that she had plenty of dirt on NeNe, from her past as a stripper to her extensive rap sheet, and didn’t need  a video of roaches to make her look bad. Then she repeated her allegations about NeNe being “on pills”, which was the perfect segue way into NeNe’s rape “joke”, which Kim called  “sick”.

Again, Kandi defended NeNe, saying that she most certainly wasn’t taking any pills, and that she really didn’t believe NeNe meant any harm with her comment. Kim was a little taken aback by Kandi’s loyalty, because Kandi and NeNe have had their share of issues over the years.

In the end, Kim accomplished at least part of her mission. She and Kandi decided to let bygones be bygones, and agreed that their friendship never would have ended if they hadn’t tried to mix it with business. They continued their meal, pleasantly catching each other up on family and work.

Well, there’s no telling  where these ladies go from here, but stay tuned. The drama continues next week, and it looks like the ever elusive, Marc Daly, will be making an appearance. That’s right, viewers, Kenya’s husband is making his RHOA debut!

Oh yeah, Cynthia also picked up her maybe-beau Will from the airport, during which the two shared one of the most awkward kisses known to mankind while Cynthia remained incompletely oblivious to it all.



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