Are Married To Medicine’s Dr Simone and Cecil Whitmore Still Together Following the Reunion? Find Out Now

by Tiffany Brown Comments

Are Married to Medicine Dr. Simone and Cecil Still Together

Last night’s final installment of the Married to Medicine reunion was so full of raw emotions and shocking revelations, that host and show creator, Andy Cohen, was moved to observe, “this is the realest s–t I’ve ever seen”. And boy, was that the truth!

While the show picked up where they left off last week, with Quad Webb-Lunceford just having revealed that before filming began,  Greg Lunceford had been caught in a compromising position involving another woman in a hotel room, (you can read an interview with that woman telling her version of events here), it ended with an emotional scene involving Dr. Simone Whitmore and her husband Cecil Whitmore.

Following pleas and some counseling from their castmates, the couple, just moments after announcing they were getting a divorce, held hands and made a commitment to one another to give their marriage another shot.

It was quite a compelling scene. Which brings us to the main question — are Simone and Cecil still together today following the reunion which was filmed back on January 25?

Well, that answer is a bit complicated. After the reunion aired, Simone gave an interview to Bravo during which she revealed the divorce is still off, and that she and Cecil remain committed to trying to make their marriage work. She however added that they are still living apart.

“Cecil and I left the Reunion committed to one another to work on our marriage. We are in counseling individually and together,” said Simone, 50. “We are still living separately but hopeful for a union under one roof soon.”

Cecil also tweeted today, “Thank You! We can do all things through God! We are working to get things back in order. #Married2Med”.

Good to see there is still a lot of hope as Cecil promised to stop spending time with his female friend Tammy, who, despite their platonic relationship,  was said to be manipulating Cecil and causing conflicts in their marriage according to Simone.

You can see photos of Tammy here. She is described as a golfing buddy and like a younger sister to Cecil. It appears Cecil and Tammy met through his work. And by all appearances, it seems there was no funny business here and Tammy was somewhat like a close family friend to the couple as she appears in a lot of photos on social media with both Cecil and Simone. She is even pictured going on vacations with them alongside some of their other friends.

In doing some more digging, we also discovered that Cecil and Simone recently went on a Spring Break vacation to the Bahamas earlier this month with their sons Miles, 19 and Michael, 15. Cecil shared some photos, posted below, on his Twitter page. So hopefully this is a positive sign for the couple.

Whatever happens with Simone and Cecil, we certainly wish them the best!

Photo Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo