PHOTOS: Vicki Gunvalson’s Ex-Boyfriend Brooks Ayers Marries Christy Lindeman! Is Vicki Next?

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Brooks Ayers Married Christy Lindeman Wedding

Years after his controversial role on The Real Housewives of Orange County came to an abrupt end, Brooks Ayers is a married man.

According to a new report, Brooks, who has been working as a medical sales rep since relocating to the midwest from Southern California, married tire company employee Christy Lindeman after dating for just over a year.

Brooks shared the news with E! Online on March 26, along with the above photo of himself and Christy in their wedding attire.

“I’m moving on with life. I’ve never been better,” he said to E!.

Brooks reveals he met his wife about a year and a half ago. She hails from Ohio and has a 23-year-old son.”She’s an amazing young lady and I’m a very fortunate guy,” he stated. He goes on to describe her as “quite the catch” and says he’s “never been happier.”

For the time being, the newlyweds, who are currently living in Indiana, are “looking forward” to moving back to Brooks’ home state of Mississippi so they can be closer to his parents and adult children.

“My world is completely different than it was almost three years ago, in a great way,” he added.
Christy Lindeman and Brooks Ayers

Brooks with his new wife Christy Lindeman

While Brooks is currently enjoying a quiet life in the midwest with his new wife and their dog, it wasn’t long ago that he was involved in quite the scandal on The Real Housewives of Orange County.

As fans may recall, Brooks was called out for allegedly lying about his stage 4 cancer diagnosis during the show’s 10th season and ultimately, after admitting to faking medical documents, he and his former girlfriend, Vicki Gunvalson, called it quits.

As for Vicki’s own love life, she moved on from her relationship with Brooks with retired homicide detective Steve Lodge and hopes to get married one day soon.

“I’m so ready for marriage, I’m a marriage girl,” Vicki told Us Weekly in December of last year. “I told him from the very beginning, if you don’t want to get married, then don’t waste your time with me because I love being married.”

As Brooks enjoys his life as a newlywed at home in Indianapolis, Indiana, Vicki has remained in Southern California and is currently filming the upcoming 13th season of The Real Housewives of Orange County with her boyfriend and co-stars.

brooks ayers wife Christy Lindeman