90 Day Fiance Happily Ever After Recap: There Is Something They Don’t Know

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90 Day Fiance Happily Ever After Recap There's Something You Don't Know

Bringing you an all new recap of the latest episode of 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After! Let’s dive right in.

Chantel & Pedro:

90 day fiance happily ever after recap chantel dad pedro

Over at the mountain house, seems like the family vaca isn’t all rainbows and butterflies…considering Pedro made it clear that he did not want to be there with the family Chantel. I must say, the family Chantel dresses VERY snazzy for a lodge breakfast- see: Chantel’s diamond necklace and fake eyelashes. Chantel’s siblings feel “weird” about Pedro’s behavior and her parents express their concern about Pedro’s family. For instance, Chantel’s mother finds it curious that Pedro sends all of his money to his mother in the Dominican Republic. Chantel’s mom doesn’t wanna feel like “they are being harvested” or “body trafficked” and it seems as though she has a lot of theories about Pedro’s intentions. In fact, she insinuates that they will hire a private investigator to do some snooping around Pedro’s fam in the DR. That would definitely fix any familiar issues between these people. Riiiiiight.

Later, Chantel drags Pedro out for some wine tasting with the family Chantel. “Is everybody ready to taste some grapes?” Where I’m from, Chantel’s dad, we call that WINE. This party crew toast to Pedro’s 2nd family trip and Chantel’s mother states to Chantel and Pedro, “You guys are a very beautiful couple.” Pedro smells bullsh*t and it all starts to come out. Maybe it’s the white wine, but Pedro opens up to the family Chantel and wants an apology about the Dominican Republic trip. Chantel’s mom wants to know if Pedro is “ok or if there is a situation.” Evidently, that hit a nerve with Pedro, since he runs to the bar and grabs a stronger drink. LOL. Pedro explains that “me and my family have plan for something in the Dominican Republic” and when asked if he was going with Chantel, he responds, “no uh, maybe me.”

I think I heard a record screech. The family Chantel demands answers, Chantel gives the stink eye, and things get heated. Pedro states, “Me and my family plan for the future is not ready for tell to anyone. It’s my business.” Chantel’s annoyed that Pedro was planning to go back to the DR and Chantel’s mom is incredibly concerned about her daughter’s marriage.

Seems like drunk Pedro really let a lot slip out the night before. Chantel feels betrayed, scared, and like she’s ready to go to the disco! Get a load of those earrings! Anyway, Pedro tries to explain to Chantel that the DR thing is strictly business- no, really. He’s planning on a business venture over there, but he does not want to leave Chantel for “the rest of her life.” Chantel is not buying it and cannot understand all of the secrecy. It appears as though drunk Pedro is the real Pedro and that’s when he spills all of his secrets. Go buy your man some wine, Chantel, and then maybe you can save your mother the hassle of hiring a private investigator.

Nicole & Azan

90 day fiance happily ever after recap nicole lawyer

Watch out world! This time, Nicole means business. She swears she will get to the bottom of why Azan’s been denied his green card to the US. Therefore, she seeks legal counsel. Enter Mayra. One of the most professional looking lawyers I’ve seen. Even the lawyer hasn’t observed an email like the one Nicole’s been sent from the embassy that states “we refuse the visa.” The ambiguous language used in the email can mean a ton of different things- for instance: Azan committed a crime, he seems fraudulent, etc. Nicole is devastated, until she learns about the K3 visa. She finds out that she can go to Morocco, get married, and THEN apply for an American Citizen spousal visa so the love birds can live blissfully in Nicole’s motel room, I mean, apartment. It’s still a risky move, so Nicole decides to wait until she talks to Azan to make the next step.

Desperate for answers, Nicole attempts to contact her fiancé, Azan, over in Morocco. Nicole tells Azan that she went to see a lawyer to decipher Azan’s current situation and Azan sounds completely bothered by the entire conversation. To continue the awkwardness, Nicole explains the couple’s options to move forward. Azan’s shock and fear over the spousal visa Nicole suggests speaks volumes. I mean, Azan replies, “But what…what…we have to think about it” and that “it would be weird.” Nicole is dead set on the spousal visa and Nicole claims that “me and Azan just know what’s good for our relationship.” Like when Nicole says I love you to Azan and he says, “yes. Goodnight.” #relationshipgoals.

Nicole pays a visit to her mom’s house and fills her in on the lawyer visit and her newest decision: she’s moving to Morocco! There’s gonna be a wedding in Morocco, she’s going to live with Azan for a year, and then apply for the K3 visa. Nicole’s mom is displeased and asks about plans and options. Nicole states she really does not have a plan B, but hot damn, she’s gonna be a bride and her mom’s invited! Even Nicole’s mother explains that “Nicole can be very frustrating at times” and she is concerned about Nicole’s future.

Since Nicole’s dad was going to co-sponsor Azan’s visa, Nicole felt it was necessary to let her dad know the newest details. Her father is concerned that Azan is not telling Nicole something since the visa just got outright denied, but obviously Nicole is not worried. I mean, the girl’s going to Morocco to get married, despite her dad’s trepidation. Her dad tries every tactic in the book: “Why the rush? You’re gonna be married for the rest of your life? What if I come over to Morocco to meet him and I don’t like him?” Nicole’s step-mother is confused why Mae would be going to Morocco for a year, as well. Someone needs to shake Nicole. She’s living in la-la land.

David & Annie:

90 day fiance happily ever after recap david and annie

Ever the gentleman, David takes Annie out for a relatively moderately priced Mexican lunch, which is wild considering they are living in a fire house and zero money. (He states he has a “lot of fires to put out…” kinda hilarious since they live in a fire house.) David introduces Annie to Mexican food, but she doesn’t like it, along with the rest of her life here in America. Annie talks about her conversation with her mother and David feels guilty that Annie is not happy. David can’t pay for a dowry that he owes Annie’s family, but the guy can get himself a shrimp burrito. Now he’s in a pickle and Annie is having a hard time believing David’s promises about money. They better hope TLC pays well.

Despite being back in America for a few months, David is STILL unemployed. Luckily, David scored an interview with an extremely good-looking attorney in Kentucky who clearly wanted to be on TV so he could perhaps be the next bachelor. I kid. But really, what the heck could this dude want with DAVID?! When asked about goals, David states, “I gotta keep a 25 year old wife happy” and “I am running out of money.” Holy TMI. David got turned down and therefore, we viewers will no longer be treated to segments with Mr. Handsome Pants Lawyer.

Talk about a plot twist: David’s son, Jacob, was at a friend’s house and his friend was playing with a gun. Jacob was shot in the face and the bullet is still lodged in his cheek. Talk about upsetting. This tragedy has brought David’s family together. Thank goodness Ashley is back this season! Everyone rallies around Jacob as he is lucky to be alive. Jacob will be undergoing surgery in Texas with his mother, despite being taken good care of by David and Annie. Annie ties string around Jacob’s arm three times, a Thai tradition for good luck and prayer. It’s crazy how tough times can bring people together. I mean, David’s daughter Ashley is even capable of having a legit convo with David. Last time she was throwing things at him!

Anfisa & Jorge:

90 day fiance happily ever after recap anfisa and jorge


Still reeling from her date with Jorge, Anfisa explains that she has asked Jorge to move back in with her because she…has…taken…him…back. “I don’t know if it’s a good or bad thing- we will see.” Um, Anfisa. I think it’s a terrible idea. An incredibly pathetic sounding Jorge is excited to work at this relationship, which seems like an uphill battle considering Anfisa hasn’t even given the guy closet space. I’d take that as a sign. Jorge apologizes to Anfisa until he is blue in the face, yet Anfisa didn’t utter one apology for keying his car and causing mental distress. Hopefully, Anfisa’s couples counseling appointment can help this couple pull through.

The happy couple rolls up to salsa dancing class because Jorge is trying to woo Anfisa and remind her why she should love him even though Jorge is broke as a joke. Jorge is like a bumbling idiot on the dance floor and I am cringing through the “effort” these two try to make to “reconnect.” I see Dancing with the Stars in Jorge’s very near future. Siiiiiiike.

Molly & Luis:

Molly and Luis Recap

These two. Molly claims her children are the most important part of her life, yet her older daughter Olivia hasn’t been home in almost 2 weeks and her younger boo Luis is still living under Molly’s roof. Wait, why? Molly explains that she has been arguing with Luis lately and gets a chance to vent with her bestie/business partner, Cynthia. The ladies are going on a business trip to Kentucky for their lingerie company and Molly is nervous because Olivia will not be home babysitting her little daughter Kensley. Looks like Luis is on babysitting duty. Molly’s friend tries to explain that “love is love” and that Olivia is out of line for causing extra stress in Molly’s life. All I know is that this whole Luis playing daddy with Kensley when Molly is gone sounds like an absolute recipe for disaster. Oh and that Molly’s priorities are so messed up.

Molly’s looming “business trip” means that she needs to count on Luis to help out with Kensley. Because Luis is “only 27,” Molly is aware that he may not be the best at household chores, but watching a kid is not part of his agenda. Luis needs to know why Kensley “can’t spend the weekend with her dad?” Red flag. “I no want to take care of Kensley cuz she is so wild.” Another red flag. And yet she STILL goes on her trip. Like, lady! Reality check time. I mean, you know it’s bad when Molly has to ask her mother to go over to her house to watch her kid even though her HUSBAND is there.

Russ & Paola:

90 day fiance happily ever after recap paola

Over in Colombia, Paola shares how happy she feels to have seen her grandmother and to have had Russ meet her. Her grandmother’s health is failing and Pao feels at peace with her grandmother; therefore, the couple is off to Bogota so they can see Pao’s entire family at her parents’ house. Pao’s reunion with her family is awesome. Everyone is genuinely excited to see her and catch up, but it doesn’t take long for them to give Pao the guilt trip. Russ explains that it is not his fault they have not been back to Colombia and Pao lets her family know it was an economic thing. Her brother doesn’t make things easier by saying “you don’t even say hello anymore, and we are family,” but in Spanish.

Pao retorts that she doesn’t keep in touch because things have not always been perfect for her in America. Particularly when she found out that having a baby could be a dangerous situation because of her blood type. Turns out that a few weeks before coming to Colombia, Pao found out she was pregnant. She had a miscarriage and couldn’t bring herself to call her family with the bad news. Pao explains that she “doesn’t want her mother to worry about her” while she is watching HER mother fade away.

After the emotional reunion the night before, Pao heads out with Russ and her brother, Jhon. Evidently, Jhon is annoyed with Pao and thinks that Russ forbids Pao from not talking to her family. That is clearly not the truth. It is just a bad choice that Pao made, but she promises to be better at communication. I mean, now that she’s living in Miami and “modeling,” she can buy plane tickets to Colombia all of the days. Problem solved!