90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After Recap: The Blame Game

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90 Day Fiance Happily Ever After Recap The Blame Game Nicole

On this episode of 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After, Nicole finally learns of Azan’s cheating in the form of voicemail recordings to other women! So, does she decide to end the relationship? Or go ahead with her move to Morocco with daughter May? The obvious answer to that question is below in this recap!

Paola & Russ:

Seems to me that Pao is a really terrible actress. Maybe she should just stick with “modeling.” When asked to choose between her husband or bff, Pao is having a hard time “deciding” who she is going stay with: Juan or Russ. After a long, dramatic scene, Pao leaves with Russ, which means that her bestie Juan is left livid. According to Pao, this is all Russ’s fault because he “provoked Juan.” Russ is furious that Pao is pointing the finger at him, when the reality is that Juan “started the fight.” Miraculously, Juan happens to exactly where Pao and Russ wind up on the street and the fight escalates. I can’t get over the fakeness of this drama. I mean, did anyone else catch Russ trying to keep a straight face throughout the whole ordeal?

Just when you thought the drama was over, it spills into the cab ride home for Russ and Pao. Pao won’t let the whole situation go and she continues to blame Russ for “ruining the night.” It gets to the point where even Russ tells Pao to “shut up.” The fight continues in the hotel room when Russ reiterates his point: “Don’t expect me to hang out with Juan. Ok? That’s it.” Pao gets emotional explaining how much she loves Russ, but that she also loves her friend Juan. Russ feels that Juan is “toxic” and screams at Pao to make a choice.

Nicole & Azan:

Nicole goes to meet up with her pastor for some “pre-marital counseling” because her family is very concerned about the relationship with Azan, and rightly so. Nicole keeps her fingers crossed that Azan is able to skype in and somehow she manages to actually talk to him on the phone. The awkwardness ensues when Jeanette the pastor asks Azan what his expectations are for marriage. Azan explains that due to the “cultural differences,” there are a lot of issues in this relationship. The pastor spoke to Azan for approximately 13 seconds and she states that “Nicole does not understand” marriage. She further explains that Nicole needs to be the best version of herself to be sure that this marriage will take place.

It’s packing day! Nicole and May are getting ready to head to Morocco for the wedding, despite her family’s pleas. While filming, a friend texts Nicole: “Audio recordings of Azan have surfaced online.” Luckily, Nicole is able to find the recordings and we hear Azan talking sexy about kissing and dreaming. The problem is Azan is not talking to NICOLE. Nicole calls up her boo and demands to know the truth. Obviously, Azan claims that he doesn’t know what it is, “I swear to God,” and he tries to deny any involvement in this recording. Except that maybe he did say that stuff. When he was drunk. Ouch. Nicole cries that her “heart hurts” and waits to hear Azan’s explanation. The guy tries to claim that his friends talked him into this “joke” and Nicole gets talked back into the Moroccan wedding. Boy, someone forgives easily! Even the film crew looks exhausted and astounded after that quick change of heart.

Nicole leaves for Morocco in two days and she is “freaking out.” I’m unclear how humans reside in Nicole’s apartment and why she is packing things in garbage bags. OMG. Before heading around the world, Nicole meets her friend Jessica at the bridal boutique. Nicole has her final fitting for her dress and wants her friend to see what she picked. Nicole gets mad emo once she puts her dress on and you can tell that homegirl is completely overwhelmed about the whole situation. She cries to her friend and she finally admits that she is afraid and nearly had a panic attack.

Thomas, Nicole’s brother, meets May and Nicole in the park to talk about the Morocco trip. Her brother will not be attending the wedding, but he is excited to see how Azan handles Nicole’s parents. Thomas reminds Nicole that there are some “kinda important” details she is missing out on when it comes to this wedding, but Nicole is blind to it all. Thomas does not like that he still does not know Azan and that the guy has “lotsa explaining to do.”

When asked if she’s ready to go to Morocco, young May shakes her head no. Woopsie.

Somehow, Nicole was able to fit her “entire life in just five bags,” but decided “Who am I kidding? I don’t need workout clothes.” Oh boy…The day finally comes when Nicole and May are Morocco bound, despite Nicole’s two panic attacks. On the way to the airport, Nicole’s mom says that there’s something causing Nicole’s stress…yea- it’s those Azan recordings she still hasn’t told her mother about because she knows that’s a red flag. As Nicole checks her bags, she gets a phone call from Azan and she is heard saying, “You have to remember that the $200 I gave you before I had to pay my mom back with.” It appears as though Nicole didn’t send over the appropriate amount of money she worked out with Azan and the guy’s not happy about it. Uh, what? Nicole’s mother senses trouble and says, “It’s kinda like the frog in boiling water. You turn it up slowly, you don’t realize you’re getting cooked and Nicole’s getting cooked.” The awkward goodbye between May and Nicole’s mom is heartbreaking and this whole situation is beyond terrifying, particularly because it is clear that Azan is using Nicole for money. According to Nicole’s mom, Nicole is “walking into a firestorm.”

Anfisa & Jorge:

Now that Anfisa and Jorge are “back together now for a few weeks,” Anfisa lets us know that she sees no change in their “relationship.” Evidently, Jorge has reverted back to his old ways, but Anfisa is just excited to “not be alone anymore.” Anfisa, get a dog or a cat. No need to go running back to Jorge for companionship. Anfisa isn’t innocent, either. She has gone through Jorge’s phone and finds out that Jorge is going to hang out with his friend Ramon, sans Anfisa, and she is p*ssed. Because things are “still delicate” between Jorge and Anfisa, Jorge is worried that when she tags along on this friend hangout, Ramon may say something that could set her off. On the way there, Anfisa states that she is going to grill Ramon and find out if he’s a good friend to Jorge. AKA…find out if Jorge talks sh*t about Anfisa to him.

Poor Ramon is caught completely off guard when Anfisa (“Cruella deVil”) walks in with Jorge. Total ambush on Ramon. It’s like throwing him to the wolves. Ramon asks, “how is everything going as far as everything goes?” He seems surprised to hear that the couple is working through their issues, and Anfisa is calling BS. Jorge is like a completely different person when he is alone with Ramon- I mean Jorge drinks with Ramon and does things like SMILE. Anfisa sucks the life out of Jorge. That is very clear.

Anfisa and Jorge continue to put their relationship back together and the next piece of this puzzle is to mend Anfisa’s relationship with Jorge’s family. In the past, Jorge’s sisters have “disrespected” Anfisa, but let’s be clear- Anfisa was no saint in the situation. Anfisa demands that Jorge stand up for her and that he needs to call every member of his family right at that very moment to make the situation right. When Jorge’s sister Lourdes does not answer his call, the producers accidentally BLOW up Jorge’s spot. They question the last time he talked to his sister Lourdes and then continue to pry by saying, “Was it after you went to the divorce lawyer?” OH SNAP. Let’s not forget that Jorge left that juicy chunk of information out when he rekindled his relationship with Anfisa. Anfisa had NO IDEA that Jorge was contemplating divorce, and is angry and embarrassed to find out that way.

Anddd Jorge’s lying CLEARLY has not been curbed. He LIES straight to Anfisa’s face and says he didn’t “go to no lawyer” and that “nothing happened.” Man is he gonna feel dumb once this series airs… Anfisa challenges Jorge and demands that he call his sister and ask about the time they went to the lawyer. Thankfully, Lourdes continues to dodge their phone calls and Anfisa is beyond upset about this information. The scary part is that Jorge looks like he actually BELIEVES his OWN LIES about going to the lawyer…

Chantel & Pedro:

After what was supposed to be a fun, relaxing, family bonding vacation at the cabin, Chantel and Pedro are more than happy to return back to their normal lives. This trip has been nothing but drama and the family Chantel wants to “launch an investigation against Pedro and his family.” Pedro is so mad because the family Chantel won’t apologize to Pedro about the trip and he couldn’t be more excited to be back home. He booked it back into his apartment and didn’t even say goodbye to Chantel’s parents.

After pumping some serious iron, Pedro FaceTimes with his sissy back in the DR on a Saturday night. Pedro explains he misses his family, especially when the family Chantel is so mean to him. He decides to invite his sister to the US, because that’s not going to go over like a lead balloon with Chantel. Pedro only has one request: that she works out her issues with Chantel since the last time they were together, they fought and called each other horrible names.

Chantel and Pedro decide to go furniture shopping to relieve some of the stress and pressure that the family Chantel has put on the couple. Nothing screams relaxation like furniture shopping! However, there is a reason Pedro brought Chantel to the store…he needs to break the news that his sister will be visiting and clearly he wanted to do it in a public place so that Chantel does not murder him. When Pedro explains that he bought his sister her plane ticket, Chantel gets super salty because she used to have to buy her own tickets when she visited the DR early on in their relationship. Chantel is livid that Pedro spent all of his money on this ticket and now they can’t get a stupid sofa. #priorities

David & Annie:

Seems like a BEAUTIFUL day to go to the zoo! David decides to show his daughter, Ashley, that he is a new family man and makes a date to visit with them all. This blended family meets to rebuild familial bonds, but Annie is not feeling it because Ashley, “she’s always so rude to me.” Even David admits that Ashley‘s anger towards him is now be taken out on Annie. What a mess. It’s clear that David is trying hard to make amends with his fam, but it is also clear that Annie has zero time for this lovey-dovey family crap. Annie states that she “moved to America” to have her “own family.” She wants her own children, but is starting to question David and his lies. Annie’s distance reaches a new level when she doesn’t even make an effort to visit with Jacob.

Now that Ashley and the kids have up and left the zoo, David wants to get to the bottom of Annie’s distanced attitude. Annie rudely texts and plays on her phone as David talks to her. Finally, Annie explains that she is just sad- sad that she currently does not have children of her own. She is annoyed and aggravated, but David tells her that he would reverse his vasectomy. Seems like an empty promise to me…and seems like Annie is catching on to David’s BS. Even DAVID doesn’t believe himself anymore.

Molly & Luis:

The happy couple is still living under the same roof, despite the fact that Luis did not step up and help out with “step-father” responsibilities. Molly’s having a hard time working through her thoughts, so she invites her mom over to help her sort through Luis issues. Seems to me that Molly’s mom is tired of the same song and dance, but listens to her daughter as she explains her current relationship. Molly claims that Luis has “changed” and it appears as though Luis is just not ready to take on the roles Molly yearned for him to do. She even believes that if Luis went away, her relationship with her older daughter Olivia would be different, too. Molly states that she “doesn’t trust Luis’s intentions of him coming here” and that she fell in love with a different Luis.

Luis has locked himself in the guest bedroom and is only posting selfies. Yup. Molly has another teenage child. Way to go, girl. Molly listens to Luis’s phone conversation through the door. Luis is displeased and yells, “Do you want me to call the police, Molly?” Wait, what? Molly states that “no one made you come here…no one made you be a turd.” This fight is so childlike. Molly wishes that Luis just leave because the situation is uncomfortable and she is over the bad energy. Finally, Luis emerges from the bedroom, he grabs a speaker, and blares music. She totally has another child. Good luck with that situation, Molly…