REPORT: RHONY’s LuAnn De Lesseps Acted Like a Major Diva During Pride Parade, ‘Barked Orders and Yelled at Workers’

by Lindsay Cronin Comments

RHONY Luann de Lesseps Diva

The Real Housewives of New York City star LuAnn de Lesseps was reportedly the “biggest diva” at the San Francisco Pride Parade, as she apparently barked orders and yelled at workers during the event. 

While in town for her successful cabaret show, Luann, 53, participated in the town’s annual festival with “Emperor” Leandro Gonzales and drag queen “Empress” Pollo Del Mar for the Imperial Council, a nonprofit organization supporting the LGBTQ community.

LuAnn was “barking orders the entire parade . . . She was yelling at [an associate] who was then yelling at volunteers — three of whom were deaf,” a source told Page Six on June 25. “She was very concerned with people recognizing her. She completely stressed volunteers out by micromanaging . . . [about] a banner announcing her presence.”

According to the source, LuAnn, who was arrested after getting drunk and threatening to kill a cop in December, appeared to be quite intoxicated before the event began.

“By the time the parade started she was pretty tipsy and then had a paper cup of booze stashed in the side of the car,” the insider alleged.

Despite the source’s suggestions, a rep for LuAnn told Page Six that the insider’s alleged eyewitness account was incorrect.

“She was not tipsy during Pride because she does not drink alcohol,” the rep insisted. “She was sipping sparkling water in a cup in the car.”

That said, the source doubled down on their diva allegations against LuAnn, stating that the reality star kept distracting a “wheel monitor,” who was in charge of making sure that no one got run over during the event.

“She kept calling people [over to her vehicle], which you can’t do,” a spy said. “[Her] contingent was yelled at numerous times by security because . . . they kept pulling people in from the audience… It was frustrating. It was not fun, which it should have been. It was very stressful.”

Again, LuAnn’s rep denied the claims.

“It is conceivable that it was perceived that she was micromanaging and concerned about banner placement, but she’s a perfectionist and a professional, which is why her cabaret show is so good and selling out,” they noted.

In response to the report, reps for the Imperial Council told Page Six, “We would never jeopardize our favorable and outstanding relationship with SF Pride by knowingly allowing its stated rules of conduct to be broken. It is exclusively our intent to provide a safe, enjoyable environment for our volunteers.”

Below are some shots of Luann during the parade –

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