90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After Recap: The End of the Line

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90 Day Fiance Happily Ever After Recap The End of the Line

Last episode ended with karate kicks and tears. Not sure how TLC plans on topping those shenanigans, but it seems likely that there will be more emotional outbursts on this episode of 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?

Chantel & Pedro:

90 Day Fiance Happily Ever After the End of the Line Chantel and Pedro Fight

The family Chantel has just experienced a full out fight in their dining room: River vs. Pedro. Family vs. husband. The TLC producers drag Pedro out of the house and Chantel scream cries while the mother Chantel holds someone’s weave and asks for someone to “take her rings…” again. It is absolute chaos. Chantel’s mom is screaming “immigration for Nicole and Pedro” (in Spanish) and we finally get to see the injuries River has sustained. (Um, excuse me. Did River always have wack teeth like that or is that crooked smile an effect of the evening’s brawl?) Chantel is beside herself and rightly so. Seems like the family Chantel and Pedro will never get along.

Is Chantel part alien? Why do her emotions look so robotic? She is beyond “upset” about the current situation. Chantel stayed at her sister’s house the night of the fight and her brother, River, still refuses to talk to her. Chantel recounts the events to her best friend, GeGe, and shares that she is “too scared” to read Pedro’s text messages and she had to “process everything.” When Chantel does open the texts, she reads that Pedro bought a ticket for his sister to go back to the DR. This isn’t enough to smooth things over for Chantel. No, no. She states that she “wants justice for my brother.” #teamRiver.After a few days, Chantel returns to her apartment and is forced to face Pedro. The tension is thick and first words Pedro utters are, “where you been?” His sister has gone back to the DR because she “no feel safe with the family Chantel.” Once the couple begins discussing the fight, Pedro denies he started the fight and as usual, Chantel does not hold her family accountable for anything.

Pedro makes it clear that he does not feel bad about fighting River because “I no marry your family. Your family making me tired. I hate your family right now.” Pedro does have a point that Chantel did make the situation worse by involving her family in everything, but it’s Chantel who is the one who states, “I’m done.” Chantel feels like the future is scary for her relationship with Pedro and eventually, Pedro “wants to move the problem from his mind” and he apologizes to Chantel. He realizes this problem could break this relationship with Chantel. Pedro suggests he just go back to the DR for vacation and Chantel is loving that idea because right now, space is imperative.

Nicole & Azan:

90 Day Fiance Happily Ever After Recap End of the Line Nicole Azan Family

Bozo Nicole did NOT bring the proper paperwork for the Moroccan marriage license. This is not some “woopsie daisy” issue. Nicole’s mother is here in Morocco for the upcoming nuptials and the rest of her family has already bought plane tickets for the wedding that is scheduled in 2 weeks. Turns out the wedding will have to be delayed for about a month until Nicole gets the proper paperwork in order. When Nicole lets Robbalee, her mother, know about the wedding timeline, she is less than pleased. This is days away from the original wedding date and Robbalee gives it to Nicole because it is all her fault. I’m telling you- this is a sign. I mean, Azan looks like he just won a million dollars upon finding out that he has a liiiiiiiitle bit more time before he gets married to Nicole. The guy’s breathing a sigh of relief.

Meanwhile, Nicole has to make the awkward phone call to her father to let him know the wedding date must be moved. Nicole smiles nervously and her father suggests that she can just come home to America. I think I saw Azan nodding emphatically, but maybe it was just a figment of my imagination. Her dad agrees to help Nicole get the proper paperwork for the marriage to take place and I just can’t believe they are all still going along with this.


Later, Nicole and Azan have a dreaded conversation with Azan’s family. The couple have to tell Azan’s fam that the wedding must be postponed (due to Nicole’s stupidity) and that they may lose all of the money that they have already put into the wedding. They are NOT happy and tell Azan that it seems like “they don’t care that they are hurting people.” Nicole claims she feels “terrible” that Azan’s sister has lost $6,000.00 and Azan’s sister makes it clear that she does not want to hear any wedding talk until she gets that damn paper.

Before Nicole’s mom, Robbalee, heads back to America, she gets her chance for her one-on-one meeting with Azan to question him and find out his true motives. Robbalee wastes no time in interrogating her daughter’s fiancé and wants to know how it’s possible to fall in love with Nicole in only two weeks. Robbalee is skeptical about Azan’s intentions, considering he was talking to a lot of other women as he was talking to Nicole. “He was in essence, hedging his bets,” keeping his odds open. When asked about THE voice tapes where Azan claimed it was originally “prank calls,” he comes clean with Robbalee and tells her “I knew some of the girls I was calling.” Azan swears to Robbalee that he never cheated on Nicole and that he really loves Nicole.

Robbalee still wants better “for Nicole and May,” but insists that Azan tell Nicole about ev-er-y-thing he has shared with her before they marry.
The time has come to send Robbalee back to the US. She is crossing her fingers that Nicole is “not making a mistake.” Now that she is gone, it’s time for Azan to have a serious convo with Nicole. Azan lets Nicole know that her mother is worried for her . He then gets honest with her about all the women he is/was in contact with, leaving Nicole in shock and tears. YET ANOTHER SIGN NOT TO MARRY AZAN. Nicole knows she is no angel when it comes to cheating, but she also knows that Azan only feels bad about his scandal because he got caught. To make matters worse, Azan comes clean about the fact that he was talking to and courting other women while he claimed Nicole was “his girlfriend.” It is becoming very clear that the only reason these two are “together” is because Nicole was the only one to latch on and be suckered in by Azan. “I can’t marry someone I don’t trust 100%.” Nicole is finally seeing the light.

David & Annie:

90 Day Fiance Happily Ever After the End of the Line David and Annie

Over in the firehouse, David and Annie are busy packing. David’s buddy, Chris, has sold the firehouse and the couple is off to the storage unit apartment, supplied by, who else?, Chris. It’s a two-for-one deal: David gets to live at the facility for free IF he agrees to work there, too. Poor Annie. This is certainly not her American dream. Annie makes it very clear that she does not want to stay with David and if he makes her move into that kitchen-less apartment, she is headed back to Thailand. The girl is not happy and this is not what she signed up for. David. Take a hint. GET A JOB. The waterworks begin and David snot cries about “the pressure of everything.” Annie isn’t sure if “love is enough” in this scenario, but she makes the decision to stay and try to be happy for David. “Let’s try again. And I want you to show me you can make me happy.” I guess now is not the time to remind David he still owes Annie’s family a dowry…

David’s red pick-up truck is packed with all their garbage bags (aka luggage) and Annie is less than satisfied with the current situation. She mutters “I want to die” and “I hate it” to David en route to the new “apartment,” but David claims he will do “whatever it takes” to make Annie happy since he can’t lose her. David leaves for “work” at the storage facility, despite his fears that Annie may not be there when he comes “home.” Annie is not messing around when she says this is it.

Jorge & Anfisa:

90 Day Fiance Happily Ever After the End of the Line Anfisa and Jorge

Baby mama drama, ya’ll! In true Jorge form, he denies any information Anfisa has heard about him having a daughter. She forces Jorge to call his ex so she can find out for once and for all if he IS the father of this child. I feel like I am watching Maury. When Jorge calls the ex, Anfisa listens in as the ex slams him. Phrases like “why don’t you tell Jorge to come and bring me some money…” and “it’s a little human, almost ten years old, and you don’t even know her name” get spat at Jorge by his ex.

To try and calm the situation, Jorge suggests he take a DNA test to prove that the kid is NOT his daughter. The ex wigs out and blows up Jorge’s spot. She reminds him that he contacts her on the reg and has met both her and the girl at the mall where Jorge bought things for the girl. Ever smooth, Jorge retorts, “I have given some gifts and stuff like that. I was just being a nice guy.” Uh, what? Jorge is lying SO HARD that I am pretty sure his pants are actually on fire. Seems like, in the words of Maury, Jorge- you ARE the father.

Anfisa is beyond disappointed with Jorge not only because he may be a father, but because he didn’t “stand up” for his wife. Anfisa, your reasons for anger are all out of wack. You SHOULD be angry that your hubby is lying to your face. Jorge agrees to take the DNA test and I am looking forward to watching him try and weasel his way out of the truth this time.

When Jorge and Anfisa went MIA, the production crew knew something was wrong. Turns out, Jorge has been arrested in Arizona for “transportation of marijuana sale.” Of course, the liar pled “not guilty” and I am sure it was not his…just like the ten year old girl is not his, too….


90 Day Fiance Happily Ever After the End of the Line Olivia Molly

Now that Luis has packed up and left, Molly has more quality time to spend with her daughters. Naturally, Molly plans a family meet-up at the town roller skating rink. I am shocked to see Livi roll up for some quality mother-daughter time. While Kensley plays, Molly gets a chance to talk to her oldest child and shares that Luis is “not here and is not coming back.” Molly desperately wants Livi to come back home and apologizes for her “human” behavior.


Livi lets Molly know that “there is a possibility that I will come home. But there are some things we have to talk about before that happens.” Why does it seem like Livi is the mother in this situation? Oh yea, that’s right. Cuz her mom is crazy enough to marry some dude from the DR.
OMG. Molly’s outfit she is rocking at the divorce attorney’s office is outrageous. Clearly Molly makes terrible decisions often- in fashion and love. As it turns out, Luis has signed the divorce papers; therefore all Molly has to do is sign her name for the couple to be officially divorced. According to her lawyer and his toupee, even though the marriage is over, she still has ties to Luis. Molly is responsible for Luis financially for ten years unless she can prove that Luis’s intentions of marrying Molly were bad.

Russ & Paola:

90 Day Fiance Happily Ever After the End of the Line Paola and russ

Is anyone else over these two? Sigh… ANYWAY. Pao and Russ have a date night once they get settled back into their Miami life. Pao shares in her interview that she is resenting Russ because he has yet to talk to her about her miscarriage and she is bottling in her emotions. The couple definitely look like they are experiencing “friction” and it seems like the issue has to do with communication. Russ is unsure WHEN he can talk to Pao about certain subjects and Pao thinks he should be a mind reader. Pao feels “abandoned” by Russ and it makes her think about how happy she felt with her family in Colombia.

Once back at the apartment, the couple each pour themselves a drink and they continue the drama. Pao claims that Russ is never home and Russ shouts, “You can make a comment that I’m not here, but who’s the one working here so we can actually pay the bills?” Ouch. I can’t tell if they are fake acting out this fight in some sort of strange soap opera way or if this couple is legit going through a rough patch.

When Russ throws a tantrum and begs the camera crew to “please stop,” it becomes clear that this is not acting. Pao tells the crew that “Moments like this, I just want to disappear” and yells to Russ, “are you kidding me? Get back in here.” Russ obeys and tells Pao that she has changed since their trip to Colombia. Pao’s emotions get the best of her and she says, “When I moved to the United States, I feel like Russ has changed to someone I don’t know and I don’t like. The person I fell in love with is long gone.” Wow. These are some powerful statements and hard for any couple to move on from. Pao is “a scared” and unsure how to fix the situation…