PHOTOS: RHOC’s David Beador & Girlfriend Lesley Cook Hang Out With His Daughters! Plus Lesley Opens Up About Relationship & Slams Tamra Judge

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RHOC David Beador and Girlfriend Lesley Cook Photos Shannon Tamra

The Real Housewives of Orange County star Shannon Beador‘s estranged husband David Beador is still going strong with his younger girlfriend!

In fact, David and his new love, Lesley Cook, were photographed last night having dinner with David and Shannon’s daughters. Photos from that outing are below. Also below, Lesley is speaking out in an all new interview, as she slams Tamra Judge once again for lying, and opens up about her relationship with David.

With Shannon out in New York doing press for the RHOC, David and Lesley stepped out in Newport Beach, CA to dine with two of David’s daughters — twins, Stella and Adeline, 14, at the Mastro’s Ocean Club restaurant on July 17.

Lesley Cook David and Shannon Beador Daughters

David Beador and his girlfriend Lesley Cook had dinner with two of his daughters at Mastro’s Ocean Club in Newport Beach. Photo Credit: RadarOnline/Coleman-Rayner

Following dinner, Lesley, 34, and David’s daughters stepped out and waited for David to join them.

RHOC David Beador Girlfriend Lesley Cook with Shannon Beador Kids

Lesley Cook and the Beador girls wait for David to exit the restaurant.

David Beador

David Beador walks out to join Lesley and his daughters. 

These photos come just weeks after a report stated that David and Shannon’s daughters did not like Lesley. However, in an all new interview, Lesley, a single mom of two, spoke out about her relationship with the Beador girls, attempting to shut down the rumors.

“David and Shannon’s daughters are absolute sweethearts, and my daughter adores them,” said Lesley to Radar Online.

She also called out Tamra once again after Tamra dropped a potential bomb on her bestie, Shannon, during the Monday night premiere of the RHOC when she alleged that David’s relationship with Lesley started BEFORE the couple’s divorce proceedings began.

Amid the backlash from fans of the show, who have called David a “cheater” again, Lesley is stepping up to defend their relationship, and blasting Tamra for using it to drum up viewership for the show.

“Tamra lied about us meeting in October,” she stated. “I assume that she did this to create more drama and bring in viewers, but it is 2018, and this type of bullying needs to stop. Tamra needs to put food on the table somehow, I assume.”

Furthermore, Lesley insists that she didn’t even meet David until a full two months AFTER Tamra claimed she spied him liking and commenting on Lesley’s pics on social media, and she won’t stand for the “mean girl” treatment and implications that she’s a home wrecker.

“David and I didn’t even meet until the end of December, and it was just by chance. I didn’t go after anyone’s husband,” she explained. “I am a good mother, and a good person, and I will to allow these mean girls to make up lies about me,” she continued.

Point taken! Lesley also shared the photo below on her Instagram page.

David Beador and girlfriend Lesley

David and girlfriend Lesley

The RHOC airs Monday nights at 9/8c on Bravo.

Photos Credit: Instagram, Bravo, RadarOnline/Coleman-Rayner