Pregnant Chelsea Houska Slams Teen Mom 2 Producers For Putting Her at Risk During Reunion Brawl

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Chelsea Houska Slams Teen Mom 2 Producers

Following the Jerry Springer-esque brawl that took place during the filming of the recent Teen Mom 2 reunion, Chelsea Houska is now slamming the show’s producers for not keeping her safe during the event.

As most Teen Mom fans are aware, Chelsea is currently pregnant with her third child, and was already with child back in May when the reunion was filmed.

After MTV aired the backstage drama on Monday night, featuring the on-stage fight between Kailyn Lowry and Briana DeJesus, Chelsea took to Twitter to share her feelings, revealing that the show’s producers broke her trust.

“I already watched tonight’s episode earlier and it made me feel so sick to my stomach that I was even around any type of physical altercation while pregnant,” the 26-yr-old MTV star tweeted. “Unfortunately, I put too much trust into people that I thought were looking out for my best interest and safety.”

She added in another tweet: “Looking back…I wish I would’ve listened to my gut feeling and not have gone to filming that day at all.”

Chelsea slams Teen Mom 2 Producers

And when one of her followers asked her if she was indeed blaming the Teen Mom producers for not protecting her, Chelsea responded, “Yes I was relying on what they were telling me.”

She however went on to add that she is not blaming Kailyn for any of what went down, tweeting, “I love kail, always will!”

When someone criticised her for being over dramatic, Chelsea fired back by writing, “Hey I don’t even care if it IS dramatic. When it comes to anything that has to do with my babes…in or outside my belly. You’re damn straight I’m gonna be dramatic AF.”

She added that another reason she was “so upset” was because she had specifically asked the producers to remove her from the situation if they suspected any drama was set to go down.


“I had voiced concerns and honestly was just like “look, go ahead and get your drama or whatever you’re wanting but please just let me know so I can not be in the middle of it right now,” explained Chelsea.

Chelsea’s outspoken dad, Randy Houska‏, also addressed the reunion melee, stating he had to step in to protect his daughter during the fiasco.

Randy tweeted, “The fact that @mtv higher ups said they would not let happen exactly what did happen, knowing Aubree was watching in green room was ridiculous. I had to jump in front of monitor and block Aub’s view and hit the mute @teenmom #teenmom2.”

The reunion episode is set to air next Monday on MTV at 9/8c.