Briana DeJesus and Kailyn Lowry Get Into Fist Fight On Stage During Teen Mom 2 Reunion Filming!

by Sola Delano Comments

Teen Mom 2 Kailyn Lowry and Briana DeJesus Fight

Teen Mom 2 star Kailyn Lowry threatened to “throw hands” at Briana DeJesus a few weeks ago, and according to a new report, that threat came to fruition as a major fight occurred between the two ladies during the reunion filming today in New York City.

The Ashley Reality Round Up site is reporting that a physical fight broke out on Saturday onstage during the reunion, leading to absolute chaos on the set, and some stars of the show even leaving the reunion early before filming completed.

For starters, Jenelle Evans did boycott the reunion as reported earlier this week. Sources reveal that the drama began backstage when Kailyn apparently went up to Briana and essentially challenged her to a fight. There were no cameras when this happened and security was quickly able to break things off.

It then came time for the ladies to head to the stage to join Dr. Drew Pinsky and that’s when all hell broke loose.

“Briana was the last girl called to the stage, and she came out and went right at Kail,” says a source. “Briana’s sister Brittany DeJesus was on set too and she jumped in and got in Kail’s face. They started swinging at each other and Kail was motioning to Bri to ‘Bring it on!’”

“There had been a lot of back-and-forth instigation on both ends before the girls got on the stage,” another sources reveals. “That’s why Bri came out ready to fight.”

And while no punches reportedly landed, there was hair-pulling and a lot of terrified people.

“As soon as Briana came out, ready to fight, Brittany stood up and joined in. Kail turned around to get off stage and that’s when Brittany yanked Kail’s hair,” shares the source.

“Everyone else that was on stage scattered to get out of the way,” the first source states. “Even Dr. Drew ran out of there.”

Chealsea Houska, who is currently pregnant, was reportedly very upset at what occurred. “She’s pregnant and was worried that she would get caught up in a fight, and that’s exactly what happened,” says an insider who was on the set.

Jo Rivera also left the reunion early saying he was “done” with all the drama.

As for Jenelle, she took to her Twitter page to gloat about missing the drama-fest.

The bad blood between Kailyn and Briana stems from when Briana dated Kailyn’s ex-husband Javi Marroquin for a couple of months, starting late last year. And where was Javi you ask? Missing the reunion and likely spending the day with his new girlfriend… while his exes duke it out in NYC.

The ladies have yet to comment about the drama that took place, but we will update this post if they do.

UPDATE: Kailyn tweeted about the drama, insisting she didn’t get beat up.

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